That "Fresh Motel Room" Smell?

You’re on the road, and pull into a small town, into the “Hole in the Wall” motel. Or, maybe a big chain, Best Western motel. The room smells nice and fresh.

The rooms all smell pretty much the same.

What cleaning product(s) are they using to do that…and can I buy some for home use?

I do believe many use a ozone generator, not every time, but when the room smells like it is needed.

That might be the answer, but I’ve smelled ozone, and motel rooms seem, to me, to smell more “chemical” like, more like it’s a soap or solvent. I was wondering if they all tended to use one particular kind of carpet vacuuming powder, for instance.

From my high school years when I worked n Housekeeping - we used an industrial strength spray, similar to febreze to spray the curtains, chairs and carpets. Last thing we did, start in the far corner and spray your way out of the room. That was over 20 years ago though…

They replace the dead hooker under the mattress with a fresher one.