That guy in Florida Who Claims to Run His car

…on a gasoline -water mix: I’m sure everybody has seen the video clip. he also claims that his brand of hydrogen can be used in a welding torch-so hot is melts platinum, but won’t scorch your fingers. What happened to him? have the evil oil companies (“EOCs”) bought him out and shut him down?
Damn-wish I hadn’t deleted that video clip-that guy was getting 500 MPG!! :smack:

I dunno about any specific guy from Florida, but that whack-o Randell Mills from NJ is still going strong.

Hydrino my ass.

Yeah, but he had to push it for 499 of those miles.

Saw that clip, he’s supposed to be in my hometown (also proud hometown of both Scientology and Hooters). If we can figure out where he’s supposed to be I’d be happy to organize a DopeFest around his invention.

He’s still attracting the attention of credulous reporters. Watch for his invention to complete the development/$$$ investment/random patent stage in about… never! :rolleyes:

from Bob Park