That hissing sound

What makes a bomb hiss when it’s dropped from a plane? Do they all hiss?

The sound effects guy.

They don’t like the show. They’re very picky.

You mean whistle?

Take an air hose of suitable pressure, say 120psi, and aim it over various surfaces.
Plenty of different kinds of ‘air flowing fast enough over a surface’ noises can be produced.
Most aren’t very musical, such as air over rock, or parachutist, but fins or blades are pretty good at producing standard reed type blowing sounds.

Does your bomb have fins?

The whistling sound that WWII vintage bombs made wasn’t accidental. The sound had the desired effect of scaring the bejesus out of the people you were dropping them on. As terrifying a weapon as saturation bombing is, it only manages to kill a small percentage of the people on the ground. One bomb might physically kill half a dozen people. With the whistle, that same bomb can also incompacitate several hundred people with shell-shock!

These same whistles were also installed on dive bombers. Quite often, terror is a greater weapon than TNT.

Pb - you’re thinking of the sirens mounted under the fuselage on the old Stuka divebombers. They did indeed strike terror into the hearts of those who heard them.

I think old conventional iron bombs had a fuse that was armed by a small propeller after the bomb was dropped, and I think that’s what made that noise. The new improved stuff announces its arrival by exploding without warning.

The whistles seem to carry the day. Sorry, English isn’t my mother tongue (although I do think I am a notch or two above Loverock). The fact that the whistling sound was a deliberate tactic in WWII would seem to make sense.

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It’s NOT a whistle, it’s not a hiss, and it’s not a “reed type blowing sound,” it’s a siren.

I think y’all are confusing artillery shells with gravity bombs.

It’s made by the guy waving the cowboy hat.

Ok ,Nickrz, what makes an artillery shell scream?
Some bombs have sirens, (stukka dive bombers had them mounted on the wheel struts I think ),some bombs have fins that scream, some times the arming prop screw would squeel,but that noise in movies is just a sound effect that sounds dramatic. Just like gun shots in movies, real gun shots don’t sound like that and real shots just don’t sound right in movies.

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