That Mass Mutual ad

You know the one, right (sorry, no link)? The fishermen out in their boat having a grand time, when suddenly they hear thunder. They look at the sky and at each other with concern on their faces. Oh my, what to do? Quickly, they stow their gear and race for shore, taking NO chances with the weather, just like Mass Mutual takes NO chances with your money.

Except that neither of these geniuses is wearing a life vest.

Dear morons: The people who analyze things like this estimate that 90% of drowning deaths could be avoided by the use of personal flotation devices (PFDs). Your depiction of two idiots out in a boat without them doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in your company, whose investments may just end up sinking to the bottom like…well…a person without a PFD. At the very least, try hiring an advertising agency that has a fucking brain.

Okay, it’s lame, but this really annoys the hell out of me. I sent them an email that says pretty much the same thing.

Darn you fridge logic! Your cold facts have ruined many a fictional world or hypothetical scenario!

This reminds me of my time on jury duty. The lawyer for the defense, while selecting the jury, mentioned the TV Series Columbo. It was in relation to how in a Columbo story, you don’t know all the facts right away, you have to wait until the end before you find out how it all happened, and we as a jury need to have patience, and not rush to judgment.

Except, as a big fan of Columbo, I know that his stories almost always showed you facts right away, you see the murder and the coverup, the rest of the show is watching Columbo figure it out for himself.

Nice job :rolleyes:

This is a dumb pitting. Must be a slow day for Palin shit. Scraping the bottom for outrage.

If people paid the kind of attention to their relationships and their mental, physical and fiscal health, as they do to what people are or aren’t doing in a commercial, this country would be populated by friendly millionaire body builders with PhD’s.

If you want outrageous, you can scrape my bottom.

I really doubt it. A commercial takes 30 seconds, and is repeated several times. I’m sure a PhD takes at least 6 months of non-repetitive tasks to earn.

A Cubs fan thinking somebody else is dumb? It’s a topsy turvy world, for sure.


I’d rather lick the barnacles off of a garbage scow. Probably kind of similar, come to think of it.

Prolly about the same money, though.