That Ralph Nader guy????

Hey—so whats up with that Ralph Nader dude. I have fasted from the news for the past 6 months…and i am ending it now. So what happened? Did that ozone conservist, whale saving, weed smoking, tree planting, enviromentally friendly goon win???

Glad you stopped by.
We fight ignorance, and we needed another lab rat.


No… Pat Buchanan won.

The country’s goin downhill from here on out. Whats next??? Pat Buchannon will probably fire whoever was his VP and appoint Strom Thurmond as VP. Then we would have a vice president who was always at risk of dying or having a heart-attack. That would be pretty crazy wouldnt it?

So do you think he’s ACTUALLY serious or just trying to garner a WTF reaction out of us?

I hope we never hear from him again.
He’ll have a hard time getting support after what he did.
If Perot could endorse Bush at the last second, he could have done that for Gore, and his fans would have known he did the right thing when it came out close.

nah, i wasnt serious…i was a little under the influence last night…so please forgive my smart aleck political humor.


For the record, Ralph NAder has never taken an illegal drug in his life.
So, no weed-smoking reference please.

Can i use that as my sig line?
No weed-smoking references please.
haha…thats great.

Oh, screw you.

Ummmm…what I actually meant to say is I respectfully beg to differ.

Whaddya mean what he did? You mean the magic spell he casts over millions of people FORCING them to vote for him? Gee, I thought I when to the polls and exercised a choice. Shame on him for giving us one.

speaking of “magic spell”. I truly think that back in 1984, the Reagan forces sprayed some sort of mind-numbing vapor over America, causing almost everyone to vote for “him”.
There was a freak wind gust from Canda, which caused most of it to blow out of Minnesota, casuing them to think and give their votes to Mondale.