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I’ve heard stories where Adolph Hitler was assigned to some dangerous missions or missions that ended up being deadly in WWI but he came out unscathed or the sole survivor.
Are these apocryphal stories made up by propagandists and armchair historians or is there any basis to these tales?
Sorry, I don’t have actual cites for the situations where Hitler was involved in World War I.

FWIW, I have it on some semblance of authority that Hitler was a message-runner in the war.

From this site:

I’ve seen references elsewhere to the “what if Hitler had died in WWI” theme, but haven’t seen any “sole-survivor” stories substantiated so far.

If he was a messenger, he went on his missions alone. By definition if he survived, he was the sole survivor.


I’ve heard of this before…

Apparently Hitler was off-duty and was with his mates (hmm… mates? Adolf was a loner) when this Allied shell landed near them. Most of them died but Adolf survived.

I’d hardly call losing a nut “unscathed”.

“The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler” by David Lewis (sensationally presented, but apparently well-researched paperback) confirms the basics: that in WW1 Hitler was a message runner and had some near-misses - a bullet ripping through his sleeve, a shell explosion killing or seriously wounding a group of soldiers in a trench that he had just left - but later suffered a severe thigh wound from grenade splinters, and (as Ice Wolf says) ended the war hospitalised with temporary blindness - psychosomatic, the Lewis book argues - following a gas attack.

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Thank you for the information though!