That star wars kid filing a law suit

He’s been around a while now, and personally i think he rocks :smiley:

In case you don’t know who i’m talking about, take a look here .

Unfortunately, his parents arent too happy with the kids from school who originally put his “home video” on the net, so they’re gonna sue them for i dunno how much, theres more on it here .

It’s pretty pathetic IMO, he should milk it for as much money as he can get - hell he’s already got an iPod out of it!

What does anyone else think?

I read that the kid in question, from all this publicity, has suffered a breakdown and is being treated (or possibly, was and has since been released) in a mental hospital.

I think what those kids did to him was pretty awful


sry bout starting 4 diff threads!!!

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Interesting, but does it ** really ** deserve four threads?

I used to do this all the time as a kid (thank god the internet wasn’t around to the extent then as it is now) and I wish I had that kid’s moves.

There is already a thread on this topic here, in MPSIMS.

OK, this site is publicizing this kid’s nightmare by making the video available on yet another site? Gimme a break.

As Q.E.D. has already pointed out, there is a thread on this topic in MPSIMS.

Duplicate thread on topic already covered in MPSIMS.