That Was Good: In which I relate my rather excellent Friday evening supper

So, after a week of mostly minor aggrevations and idiocy in pursuance of sustaining our nations’ national defense infrastructure (yeah, right) I stopped by the grocery store this evening and, in the perusal of the produce section, came away with a bundle of the most delicate asparagus I’ve ever seen. It is, in fact, better described as asparagus skewers than spears. Not being one to waste an opportunity, I purchased a steak of yellowfin and some scallions as well. Upon alighting at my humble domicile, I made an inventor of the fridge, pantry, and wine cellar (all being, effectively, one and the same) and put together the following supper menu:

[ul][li]Broiled Pacific yellowfin tuna, marinated in olive oil and white wine vinegar with coarsely chopped basil and sea salt,[/li][li]Grilled asparagus with olive oil and vinegar, lightly peppered and drizzled with dijon mustard and honey dreessing,[/li][li]Wild rice quasipilaf with sauteeed onion, carrot, and garlic with sliced almonds, [/li][li]A split of decent, if not spectacular, fume blanc,[/li][li]Followed by a dram of Black Bush Irish whiskey.[/ul][/li]
These are the things that keep me from resigning my job and going back to the live of starving college student. Alas, I’m not sure whether this is good or bad.


This sounds really good though I might have tried a beaujolais or pinot noir to accompany the dinner since I prefer reds to white wines.

Did you just sear the tuna?

Why I work.
A short essay
by Campion

I like food. The end.

After five years of macaroni & cheese dinners from the age of 18 to the age of 23, personally, I would say it is good.

You could always make a living writing Food Porn. You and Nigella would make a perfect team.

Are you a self-taught cook? I ask because at some point I myself have to get around to learning the art. Any pointers?