That wonderful moment of enlightenment

when you discover how stupid you are.

I had bought Kumbia Kings album “4.” The problem is, I don’t speak spanish, but I still like the music (blame my mother for that one). Anywho, I liked listening to numbers 2, 4, 12, and 13. So, for like a day and a half, I’m listening to this cd (am I the only one who, when spelling “listen” pronounces it “list-en” in their head?) on repeat. Sunday afternoon, I’m laying on my bed playing 2 and 13 back-to-back, when I noticed they sounded awefully similar.

I then begin to pick out words in the song, and noticed they share the same words. Then it hits me. I jump up and run over to my wall locker where I have the cd jacket (this isn’t just hyperbole, I literally ran to my wall locker, such was my excitement). I grabbed the jacket and read, 2-Amores como el tuyo, 13-Amores como el tuyo (version Kumbia). So, all this time, I had been listening (again with that whole “list-en” thing) to the same song, just a faster version, and it took me a good 36 hours to figure it out. No wonder I liked both of them.

One would think I’d keep my stupidity to myself. One who would think that doesn’t really know me. I immediatly call my mother and tell her the entire story in a good five seconds. She was quiet, I could tell she was shaking her head. I tend to get that a lot. Usually I just remind her that she’s the one that raised me.

¡Qué idiota!

The moment when you realize how ignorant you are is not tragic. Oh, no. It is the beginning of wisdom. The more you can see your own ignorance, the wiser you become.

One day, you will look back on this day, and you will run into a parking meter. :smack:

I was gonna post a similar thread in which I ‘discovered’ that the bagel setting on the toaster only toasts one side.

Only I didn’t notice it. It had to be spelled out to me in one of those ‘hows it made’
shows on the discovery/learning/tlc/travel channel.

And I’ve geen using that mode for YEARS on our toaster and never noticed.

Okay, now I’m wondering about my husband’s toaster that I thought was broken because it was only toasting one side…

I used to think GM was General Motors (the U.S. branch), and GMC was General Motors of Canada (the Canadian branch). Apparently not.

The moment of enlightenment came quickly.