That Would Make a Great Movie

Do you ever read of an event or news story & think “That Would Make a Great Movie!” I did when I read this horribly sad one -

& in another thread I was reminded of the greatness of the Lews & Clark saga. If any story was ready made for a good movie (or mini-series) treatment, it’s that.

Do you guys ever have that reaction?

If there isn’t a movie about THIS guy, soon, something is very wrong!

Of course, Hollywood would probably turn him into a white guy

There is going to be a feature film about Bethany Hamilton, one of my heroes, soon released. I hope it is as good as she deserves…

From time to time, I hear there’s going to be a movie about Moe Berg (Rush vocalist Geddy Lee was one of the guys I heard was trying to make such a film), but it hasn’t happened yet.

Too bad… a Jewish major league ballplayer and spy would make for a pretty cool movie.

My brother of all people (he is not a professional writer, just some guy) was once working on a screenplay for a movie about the Red Baron. He sez he was a fascinating guy, very charismatic, hero, lots of action, period, can’t lose!

Yes, but not about current or historical events, but popular media.

Movies and tv shows abound, sourced from comic books, cartoons, and videogames.

I’d like to see a motion picture based on a webcomic: JACK

Now, you can’t just go ahead and film; the result would undoubtedly be a failure. We would need to build up to the crecendo: 30 sec. animated shorts, then a half hour animated series. Only when the interest builds do we go for the motion picture.

This is the successful path The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, and Aeon Flux took.

There should be a biopic about Roald Dahl. His real life would not make believable fiction.

I’m not sure that I wold call the Aeon Flux movie successful.

A movie about that guy:

or those:

would definitely have my attention. As long as they dont PC it, it’s got all the elements of a great story (maybe more a book than a movie for the latter)

It did better than “Tank Girl” :rolleyes:

True. I walked out of the theater during Tank Girl. And I paid $1 to see it.

I’m kind of surprised that there hasn’t been a straightforward historical take on the Donner Party yet. There was a Donner Party film made a few years ago with Crispin Glover, but it was more of a psychological thriller than a historical drama, took quite a bit of dramatic license, and was focused mostly on the “Forlorn Hope” rescue party and ended well before they even managed to find help. I like the OP’s suggestion re: the Russian/Soviet space program. I think a Valentina Tereshkova movie would be interesting: an average Russian girl sent into space basically as a propaganda stunt, then once she landed she was prodded into marrying the one male cosmonaut who wasn’t already married.

A movie about John Waters’ early days with the Dreamlanders.

My wife and I recently downloaded Andre Norton’s *Time Traders *, which is a time travel book she wrote in the late '50s or so. We both thought it should be updated and made into a movie.

The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag. Seriously. Get Takashi Miike to direct.

It is being made into a movie.

I’d buy a ticket on the spot.

I am surprised there isn’t a huge-budget movie about Ada Byron Lovelace - only legit daughter of the notorious Romantic poet and ladies’ man, raised in wealth and expected to play a woman’s role in Victorian England (costumes!), ends up in a long friendship with preeminent mathemetician and proto-computer Difference Engine builder Charles Babbage and, in effect, creates the concepts associated with recursive computing and variable-based programming in advance of the machine to do them on…

Someone like Keira Knightly or, well, Keira Knightly (mmmm) could make huge Oscar bait out of her story…