That'd be pretty funny if Bush's War got derailed by a super-plague

Okay, I have a pretty evil world view. I value right & wrong, but not life. I admit that. Even so, you have to admit that it would be funny if Bush couldn’t have his little war because some super-plague pre-empted it. The presidential consternation would be hilarious.

Scary. But what’s point of starting another thread about this? Why don’t you just insert a lovely and poliete hijack tag into their thread and go from there?

I don’t know. Hadn’t thought about it.

I think if that happened, we’d all be too busy dying to much appreciate the joke. I’d gander to say in a plague situation, the first casualty would be our collective sense of humor.

Au contraire, if it got to the point where most people felt helpless and terrified, a lot of us would probably be laughing our heads off as a defense mechanism, and maybe even having orgies and such like they did during the Black Death.

How rich that would be. How deliciously ironic.

Reminds me of: “what if they had a war … but nobody came ?” If ya’ll remember that.

Oh, yeah. Hilarious.

I think it would suck. Mostly because, while a war may result in–let’s be REAL generous–a million casualties, a pandemic could result in many, many more.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not pro-war. I just want as few people to die as possible.

So it’s a case of “what if they had a war… but everyone was dead.” ?

I tend to agree with Angel of the Lord, but there’s a part of me which thinks watching either or both would be quite amusing in a sadistical sort of way. Obviously, I don’t wish pain upon anyone, but if it’s going to happen, might as well laugh at the ironic and amusing bits.

Cod pieces and self-flagellation have been out of style way too long !

Maybe. It would be interesting to compare the post-germ theory of disease reaction of society with the pre-germ theory of disease reaction.

Do you think people would panic and go nuts? Looking at the two recent night club tragedies, I’d say yes. But from what I’ve heard about 9-11, I’d have to say no, 'cos it sounded like people pretty much kept their heads.

I can say that if I die ironically, I’ll die laughing. If a super-plauge comes around I’ll probably electrocute myself prying a bagle out of the toaster…

I first read this as beagle.


Well, it is easier on the beagle than drying him off in the microwave, I guess.