That's it cow-orkers, I'm pitting you all

As previously mentioned, I work in the insurance billing department (which part of the patient financial services department) at a hospital.

It is our yearly goal to bring in $400 million. The comes out to about $33.3 million per month. Earlier this year, Medicaid reamed us by taking back $10 million. From January to May, we did not make our goal. In June we were over our goal by $1 million and in July, we took in an additional $2 million. It was decided that we would give ourselves a pat on the back by way of a covered dish luncheon.

Well, some of my cow-orkers (can we invent a more derisive term, please?) decided this wasn’t good enough for them and complained. Well, word gets back to the big boss (one of the nicest people you’d want to meet. She’ll go to the mat for you, if need be).

She gathers us all together this afternoon and cuts loose. I have never seen her get angry. Ever. She reminded us that we are still in the hole for $17 million. She also reminded us how she even tried to get HR to foot the bill for this luncheon (no money available, duh!). She theatened to cancel the whole thing even though we had all chipped in either food or money.

She probably should have. Most normal idiots keep their bitching and moaning out of earshot of the boss, but my cow-orkers (can we PLEASE invent a new word? This one just doesn’t suffice here. ) are either too stupid or not stupid enough. I haven’t figured it out yet.

The luncheon is still on for tomorrow, but it’ll be held under one wickedly dark cloud.

You really must drop in tomorrow, after the lunch, and tell us how it went. Particularly, how much the bitch-and-moaners contributed.

I have this vision of you sensible ones, ponying up your fair share of expenses, bringing in succulent dishes you’d worked hard to prepare…

And the complainers trying to scant any payments, and bringing in stuff like bags of chips past their expiration date.

The boss’ suggestion to those who didn’t like the idea of the luncheon was simple: don’t participate.

Earlier this year we had a similar event. At the time, I had zero cash and could not contribute. I had brought my lunch. When asked by a particularly nosy type (but a contibutor to all things food related) why I did this, I told her that, since I didn’t contribute, I didn’t feel right participating.

I could have just gotten in line and fixed a plate, but there are those cow-orkers who have absolutely nothing better to do than watch out for this kind of thing.

It’s just not worth having to hear their bullshit.

I’m really curious to see if the boss will even be in the office when the event takes place. Usually she’s there making jokes and so forth.