That's it, I'm moving to San Diego

I have long suspected that San Diego has the nicest weather in the world. I heard it’s basically 75 degrees years round, thanks to a lucky combination of cool ocean currents and/or trade winds to keep it cool, and being far south enough to get a lot of sun to keep it warm. I thought,
“Too good to be true.”
Then I did a search at…it is 74 right now, and the highs for ther next few days don’t break 78, while I’m over here in the northeast sweating my balls off. So, I’ve decided…once I get done with this silly master’s degree business, I’m packing up and headed to the so-est of the socal. Who’s with me? My car can seat four more, and I’ll pick you up along the way.

I lived in San Diego 'til I was 15. Weirds me out every time I go back. (My sister still lives there.) I can’t see myself ever living there again.

But my sister would agree with you about the weather.

Lived there for a couple of years while the hubby was at USD. Weather is damn near perfect most of the time.

I was just down there about 2 weeks ago.

It was a bit to hot 'n muggy for my tastes.

And it seemed most of the women down there need a burger.

San Diego doesn’t have weather, it has a climate.

Unfortunately, it also has too many people.

Way too many people.

Not as many as L.A.

Go on to San Diego. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just moved from San Diego after 18 years. There are a few miserable weather weeks when the dusty, hot Santa Ana winds blow up from Mexico. Otherwise, the climate is unbeatable, though I missed fall and winter when I lived there.

Make sure to check housing prices before you go. I was renting a rundown, 900 sqft 1951 utterly plain ranch-style home that sold for $730,000. The weather comes with an insane price tag.

We have a three-bedroom, two-bath house in Claremont. It was built in 1962 and was appraised a year and a half ago at $450,000.

I liked it when I was stationed there. Partly because Tiajuana was only a $1.50 trolley ride away.

When you get down there,say “Hi!” to the leopard sharks for me. They should be gathering in the shallows in front of the Marine Room right about now.

I moved to San Jose back in April. I miss the beach!!! (Santa Cruz is nice, but it just ain’t the same…)

And give my regards to the grunion. They’re some of the very few interesting inhabitants in San Diego.

There are a lot of bat rays in the water now too. But the beach is awesome.

Great timing for this thread…wonder if anyone could help me with specifics about San Diego/Carlsbad area…pluses, minuses…anything you got. I am going to be moving to that area in about 6 months or so and would appreciate any input!

San Diego is a glorious place. I lived there for 4 years and can say the climate is nearly perfect year-round.

The drawback is the high cost of living relative to the paychecks. It’s often referred to as the Paradise Tax.

Jennshark, the Santa Ana winds come from the East, not the South.

To live well in San Diego one must weigh less than one’s dog and have more money than God.

You took the words straight out of my mouth. If my Mom didn’t live there, I’d never go back. The weather’s fine (but monotonous), but if you want to do something that doesn’t involve being outdoors, the pickings are slim. Ugh.

I live in the next town south of Carlsbad, called Encinitas (Hey!). I’ve lived here most of my life (I turn 50 this year) and have seen the area go from sleepy coastal towns to bustling bedroom communities. What everyone says about real estate prices is true. The weather howerver, can’t be beat. Nearly always pleasant. Few weather extremes. The only seasons we have are wet and dry. The moderating influence of the ocean keeps the temperature consistently in the 65-75 range most of the year.

Carlsbad is a very nice coastal town. The old part of town (near the beach) is pedesterian-friendly with lots of small shops and restaurants. The newer parts of town are much further inland and having your own car is a must. There are two commuter rail stations in Carlsbad that link up with Amtrak a few miles up or down the coast. The I-5 freeway runs right through town, so heading north and south is easy (except at rush hour).

Carlsbad schools have a good reputation. As for affordable housing, you will be paying a paradise tax. However, the community of La Costa (part of Carlsbad) has some of the most afforadable housing around (but still fairly expensive).

I like Carlsbad. But I love Encinitas!

Thank you everyone…I am wondering if I should start a thread IMHO? Your answers have helped tremendously, but my husband needs more proof!

lie not with dragons, what will you and your husband be doing when you move out here? What are your interests? Any school-age kids? Where are you living now? Perhaps you could give me some background on your lifestyles so I could address those specific areas.

Or start a new thread in IMHO.