That's Outrageous! Henry Gibson passes away

Henry Gibson: poet, Illinois Nazi and Namby-Pamby Judge from Boston Legal has passed away.

Man, this has not been a good day for stars from the '60s.

Wow :frowning:

Thanks for the laughs, Henry.

He was also the self-absorbed Haven Hamilton in Nashville and the sinister Dr. Verringer in The Long Goodbye. He actually had a lot of range, and his mild manner was perfect for showing a dark side.

I’ll always remember him as the pitchman for “The United Appeal for the Dead.”

I will always remember him as the creepy neighbor from The 'Burbs. I had nightmares about him.

So, who has Jo Anne Worley in the Death Pool?

I saw her on stage 2 years ago in WICKED. Looked pretty healthy to me, but ya never know. That was the week Harvey Korman died.

Very interesting.

Death continues to be our nation’s number one killer.

It’s a sad day. No more poems by Henry Gibson. :frowning:

I hate Illinois Nazis. :frowning:

That would be Arte Johnson.

Thus making the inevitable “but stupid!” even more apropos. :wink:

Apologies to Arte for that pre-emptive strike against his mortality.

I always loved him.

I feel sorry for him. I will let you finish. But Michael Jackson has one of the best deaths of all time.

All those plays he wrote in Norwegian are pretty good too.

Damn, another beloved entertainer from my childhood.