That's the Final Jeopardy question? Really?

Note: this was not High School week or anything, either:

What has become of this show?

Et tu, Jeopardy?

I know! I watched yesterday and thought maybe it was a celebrity tournament, but there were no celebrities. For one of the correct responses, all you had to know was “American as [apple] pie”, and another (a convoluted musical question) showed a picture of a piece of cherry pie, and the answer was “cherry pie”!

The one from last night was pathetically easy, too. The category was something like “Old Names in the News” and the clue was along the lines of: “After being caught or accused of pyramid schemes in the US in 1919, he fled back to Italy.”

The craziest part is one contestant missed it! He guessed Mussolini.

He was funny about it, though. “Can we just not show it?”, referring to his response.

What was the category “when come back, bring pie”?

Maybe the show’s not getting easier, we’re just getting smarter. I could be peaking at the right time; there was a contestant on the show last week who was in the same group I auditioned with.

Did anyone get the “Et tu, Brute” Final Jeopardy question wrong?

OK, well apparently I’m an idiot, history-wise. Care to share the obvious answer/question?

Who was Ponzi?

As in “Ponzi scheme”.

Hmmm…I appear to be wrong. The Wikipedia article on Charles Ponzi doesn’t mention anything about fleeing to Italy.

It looks like there was an ATTEMPT to flee to Italy, but that was in 1926, after he’d gotten out of jail for the original Ponzi scheme and had gone into fraudulent Florida real estate, which was also falling down around his ears.

I don’t know if that was pathetically easy–it took me a good fifteen seconds to come up with it.

It’s one of those questions where probably almost no one actually knows the answer (unless your really familiar with the Ponzi’s lifestory), but the juxtaposition of Italian and pyramid scheme means that almost everyone will guess the correct answer if they think about it for a few seconds. Jeopardy seems to really like that sort of question.

Yeah. Typical Jeopardy-style question. And I would have missed it, too.

What’s really offensive about that question is that Ponzi’s eponymous schemes were not pyramid schemes.

That’s what I had thought as well.

A few weeks ago the Final Jeopardy category was “Colonial pen names”. That was the category, not the question. I best most of you can get the answer just from the category without even hearing the question (I did, anyway).

The answer is Benjamin Franklin. I don’t even remember what the question was, but it mentioned some of Franklin’s pseudonyms

Both you and the OP seem to be watching reruns. Those are both old-assed questions. Last night’s was the one about pyramid schemes.

Final questions don’t have to be hard - a big part of the challenge is betting correctly.

And I could see some people screwing it up and putting down “Et Tu, Brutus?”

What is “veni, vidi, vici”?


Although this particular question seems particularly easy, not every one you think is easy actually is. I thought the recent, infamous “whipping boy” question was easy.