That's What I Get For Kissing The Cat!

I inhaled cat hair. Yesterday! And it’s still there tickling my throat. What should I do? I ate, but it didn’t seem to help.

(Kalhoun slinks off…desperately trying to cough up a fur ball)

PetroMalt – it’s what we give our cats when they have hairball problems. Or Vaseline.

I don’t know, online dating maybe?

Cod Liver Oil, and stay off the furniture til that thing comes up.

And for God’s sake, when it finally does come up, just hack it up. Don’t stand there for 10 minutes beforehand making that hukka…hukka…hukka noise.

And don’t eat it afterwards, either.

When our cats do that, we call it the “pump” mode. Positively revolting.

Have you tried Vodka? Put it in a rocks glass with a few ice cubes, some cranberry jiuce cocktail, and a wedge of lime. Drink, repeat.

Good luck with that.

Damn it Hal, I coughed up a hairball just laughing at that with a bad cold. :smiley:

I think that post and maybe this thread needs a warning label.

**Winston’s ** suggestion is good; if you drink enough vodka you won’t mind the hair in your throat.

You could just try gargling with mouthwash.

Good luck, thank you for the laugh on a sick day. Jim

Linda, is that you?

Lovin’ the Lieu!

I had a fishbone in my throat the other day, and Dr. QtM recommended lemon juice so that the acid would dissolve it. Other Dopers recommended big wads of unchewed bread or rice.

I sympathize; even a little thing like a cat hair or a tiny fishbone can feel the size of a pipe-cleaner down there. Good luck.

Eeeew…that’s one of the reasons I don’t eat much fish. I hate that feeling!

I once had a neighbor when I was a kid…her husband was choking on a chicken bone and she stuck her hand down his throat and pulled it out. Saved his life.

I usually used my toothbrush. It makes me gag but I do get it.
Now allow me to chuckle as you reminded my of one of my favorite Garfields. “Ate a milk dud, kissed a cat.” Heh-heh-heh.

Still got that hair,Kalhoun ? The best advice so far is the bread. Dry bread, stuff your mouth full, try to swallow as much as you can in one mouthful.

Have a large glass of water handy, just in case. The bread will most likely expand in your throat and pick up the hair.

Seriously, if this doesn’t work and it’s really bugging you, Get thee to an ENT guy.He’ll have it out in one try.

Oh and in the meantime…Quit That Damned Hacking!!! You’re making everyone sick!!! :smiley:

Yes, thankyouverymuch. I still have the hair. It’s driving me batty. I tried a peanut butter sammich twice yesterday, but I can’t get rid of this thing! Everyone is so sheddy lately. I feel like I’ll be plagued with this until we turn off the furnace for the season. Gah!

She’s got a hair in her throat?!?

And not even from the Dog that bit her. :slight_smile:

Kissing the cat usually only gets me a bite on the nose. Anyway, it’s best not to inhale whilst kissing the cat. If it’s been there for a while maybe you should see someone, perhaps it’s stuck in the tissue like a hair splinter?
If I ever run for office I can say “I kissed the cat but I didn’t inhale.”

It’s hard to kiss the cat without doing the whole, “Love you, mommy’s little angel-food-cake-softie-blah-blah-blah”. I try to do the whole thing on an exhale, but sometimes I gotta breathe in order to finish the saccharine spewitosity known as “kitty talk”. Utterly pathetic.

I’ve found that when I do the “hold the back legs back out of the way, and bury my face in their stomach and go bbhhhtthhhhppppppp”, that I often end up with an annoying cat hair in my contacts.

But at least it stays out of my throat.