THC is my favorite recreational drug

I’m speaking, of course, about The History Channel, of course. I’m addicted. I love sitting down to hack out some code while watching Modern Marvels.
THCs Founding Fathers series was excellent. It was the first documentary on the Founders that I’ve seen that does not reek of glorification, and is an honest biography of the great men involved.

Recently, they’ve been showing The Great Ships. There are few things more fascinating than watching sea warfare evolve through the ages of recorded history. Simple technological advances won battles and toppled empires.

Then there’s History’s Mysteries on at 8:00 every weekday. The amound of interesting stuff you can learn from these shows is indescribable. Everything from Thomas Aquinas to Amelia Earhardt.

And then there’s Sam Waterston. He’s cool.

Oh my god, friedo. The History Channel was exactly what I was thinking of opening this thread. Had you been referencing “something else”, I was so gonna make that joke. :wink:

The History Channel is great. I loved their whole thing on the rise and fall of the Roman empire a little while back. Any given Sunday afternoon, I’ll definitely go past THC to see what’s on, and I’m pleased more often than not.

I love the History Channel also. Have you seen their game show? The final round is hard. I do pretty well in the first two rounds but that final round is a tough one.

PS I was wathcing the Great Ships last night. I would love to own a clipper ship.

Damn, I was going to post ‘Yeah man, I’m so baked right now’.

The History Channel is pretty cool though. I don’t get to watch it much when the wife is home though. It almost always has something interesting on.

Why, **Simetra[/b[, I have no idea what you’re talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m addicted to, especially to History’s Mysteries. I’m an Anthro major (and English too) at school, and I never fail to be absolutely mesmerized by that show. Modern Marvels excites me less - the other night I watched a show about plumbing that I could have done without.

I have some of my favorite HM on tape. I guess you really know you’re a dork when you start taping educational programs for entertainment. :slight_smile: