The 100k challenge: Practical goal, or just stupid?

Prologue: The transit agency I work for is one of the highest-paying in the country. Each year there are a handful of Bus Drivers that pull down over 100,000/year. The way they do this is by working 365 days a year (if you work your vacation, you get paid ‘twice’ basically).

A friend at work, impressed by this, offered a friendly contest to me. He proposed that when we all get to ‘top pay’ (takes a few years to get to the max hourly rate) we should all try and see who can earn the most money in a year. No bet or ‘prize’ or anything, just a friendly competition to try to accomplish that benchmark. I’ve given it some serious thought-

The Pro: I’d be making more money than I’ve ever earned in my life combined! I’d also be too busy to squander it since I would be working every single day. The money would be a good start on buying a house- I’m already nearly debt free with good credit, and making that kind of dough (even before taxes, yeah, I know) would put me in a good position financially. I’m still in my twenties, live alone, am single with very few obligations beyond my own health and survival. Working odd hours/every day doesn’t really impact my life.

The Con: I’d have to work…Every Single Day of the Year. Also, even though this little contest would be about 2 years away, a LOT can happen in 2 years! In 2 years my best friend met his girlfriend and got engaged to her. I honestly can’t predict where my life will be at that point. I told my friend that if I’m in the same position I am in now (have no life, basically) I’d give it a shot.

What do you think? Am I nuts for even considering it? :confused: