The 12 cent adventure is out! Let the War Games Begin! (spoilers a go-go)

This is going to be intense, children!

We open with Stephanie Brown, formerly known as Robin until she disobeyed a direct order in the field and got her ass fired, back as the Spoiler. Basically, she’s trying to impress the Batman into giving her the job back by bringing in valuable intel. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne has to quickly change clothes to avert a terrorist attack at a hospital, where there is a soiree in progress in honor of a scientist-type who has invented a New and Improved PET Scan machine. Alfred offers useful sarcasm.

Assorted Gotham Gangsters and their bodyguards gather, Spoiler surveilles, a shootout happens, wackiness ensues. Catwoman urges Spoiler to tell Batman what went down, Stephanie has a meltdown, and, well…

Part two, Detective Comics, lots of action, fighting, fighting, more fighting as the Batman, Batgirl, Huntress, Orpheus and Onyx (who, BTW, had been invited to the Meeting of Mobsters) have to try to contain the gang wars that erupt after the Big Shootout. (Nightwing and Tarantula are in Atlantic City, Huntress and Black Canary (? I thought she was in Star City, busy breaking up with Ollie) are on assignment and temporarily unavailable.)

Oh, yes, and there is more than a subtle implication that Spoiler is responsible for the whole bloody mess.


I’ve read none of this post yet.
Don’t get my new comics until the end of next week.

It better be worth the wait.