The 1925 NFL Championship

My question is about the first item on this link. Basically it says that the Pottsville Maroons should have the title, but the Chicago Cardinals do right now. I’m not following this story at all. Can someone please explain it to me?

Sounds like Pottsville played a game in Philadelpha, which the Frankfort Yellowjacket considered their territory. The teams were granted certain territorial rights; by playing there, Pottsville infringed. When Frankfort called “foul,” Pottsville’s championship was taken away.

Since the rules at the time were unclear as to whether this was wrong, the NFL is looking to change the record books.

The games, rules, players, and everything about the “league” in those days was just plain wacky.

To add some facts.

When the Chicago Cardinals played the Pottstown Maroons on Dec 6, Pottstown’s victory “appeared” to bring them the title, except there were two weeks left in the season. And in those days, anything could and did happen.

Chicago arranged for two non-scheduled games to be added to their schedule, one on Thursday and one on Sat., both against teams that were disbanded for the season, but who would come out and play for a payday. The speculation is that the Cardinal’s team owner was more interested in improving their win percentage (to be able to play Red Grange’s redhot touring team) than trying to win the title against Pottstown.

Pottstown stupidly arranged to have a game against former Notre Dame stars, including the Four Horsemen, on that same weekend Sat. that Chicago was grinding a lesser opponent. Pottstown scheduled this “exhibition” game in Philly at Shibe Park. Frankfort, a regular league team, had a game previously scheduled at their Frankfort Stadium the same day. Joe Carr sided with Frankfort and told Pottstown to cancel their game. Pottstown played the game, suggesting the “league” had given earlier oral permission. They played the game against the orders of the league.

There was a league meeting in January, after the season was over, and the owner of the Cardinals, Chris O’Brien declined to accept the championship. But the official records cite the Cardinals as Champions.

In one of the trumped up games that the Cardinals arranged, they employed four Chicago High School players and a pathetic crew of ragtag player. The pro on the Cardinals who recruited the High School players was banned from the league for life. And the Cardinals got fined for the sham games by Carr.

My info for the previous was from my The Football Encyclopedia by David S. Neft and Richard M. Cohen. Fascinating reading about a wild and wooly sports time.

Thanks for the info. It makes more sense now.