The 1993 Honda Prelude has ruined me for all other cars

I had a fourth generation Prelude and gave it up in 2003. I miss that car. It was the best mix of sports car and coupe that I’ve ever seen in an automobile. And that dashboard made me feel as close to space travel as I’m ever likely to be.

What are the current equivalents to the '93 Prelude? I dislike the true sports cars because they’re cramped and scream “MID LIFE CRISIS” when I sit in them.

I’m not really likely to buy a car since I live in mid-city DC and would only use it twice a month, but who knows. If the right car came along…

I have two favorite cars of days past. One was a 1976 Peugeot. I loved that car. Unfortunately, it loved a flat-bed tow truck better. All the controls were reversed. I’m a lefty. That is the only car where everything felt “natural.”

And the 280zx. That was an awesome car. Closest thing to a motorcycle. Was comfy, roomy and way fun to drive.

My 1984 Camaro.

Still rated as one of the top handling production cars ever made.

And the sucker would get up and fly!

Great car.

I desired a Prelude right up to that model and no further, whenceforth they made the Prelude fugly, for no apparent reason.

I just had my 1995 Honda del Sol completely restored to her original factory shiny goodness. I shopped and shopped for cars, but I just didn’t like anything as much as I love my del Sol, which still runs perfectly at only +/- 90K miles. I decided to invest in the body work and keep her around until she starts dropping parts along the side of the road.

Hopefully, by then, Honda will come out with a sporty little thing that doesn’t look like ass. I totally feel ya on the 93 Prelude. I love that car too, but they don’t make it anymore either.

I drove a '97 Honda Accord for awhile, and I loved the hell out of that car. It had the reliability of a Honda, yet it was a relatively powerful mid-size car that was a bit sporty. It was also very comfortable and logically arranged inside. I still miss it.

Go drive a 3 series BMW and you will wonder what you ever saw in the Quaalude.

Are they going to do everything backwards in space?

Everybody knows you’re supposed to drive on the left side of Uranus.