The 2nd American Revolution... The Invisible one. (Venture Bros. Possible spoilers)

In a flashback in last night’s Venture Brothers, we learned the Office of Special Intelligence has been around since the Second American Revolution… The Invisible One. This got me to wondering, when was it?

(We don’t know, it was invisible. - There, got that out of the way.)

We know the following: It occurred sometime in the last 220 years. That’s it.

We have the following resources: The Venture Brothers universe intersects with the Johnny Quest universe (Race made a cameo.) The Johnny Quest universe intersects the Harvey Birdman universe (Race and Dr. Quest had a custody battle over Johnny.) The Harvey Birdman universe intersects the entire Hanna-Barbaera(sp?) universe. (Too many cites to mention.)

Somewhere in the entire H-B catalog there has to be some better clues. Let’s figure this out, at least before Brock shows up and kills us all.