The $480 mousepad?

What kind of person buys a $480 mousepad?

A really, really rich idiot?

Hang on…let me check my lottery ticket…

not me. :frowning:

Someone that can´t afford a $500 mouse pad… duh!

Now you just have to figure out what to do with it; I guess the carbon reinforced pad would serve as a makeshift bullet shield…

Leather mousing surface? Whose brilliant idea was that? Fine for every day point-and-click use, but it would be useless for gaming or anything that requires subtle mouse movements or accuracy. My mouse pad was expensive at $25 (Func 1030), and damn if it isn’t a fine mouse pad at that. $480? Does it come with the computer, too?

Look, it was “designed using state of the art automotive 3D modelling software.” It’s not like just anyone can make a carbon fiber square.

Before I opened this thread, I thought, “It’s gotta be made of titanium or something.” Well, I wasn’t far off.

Way back when, I started a thread $259 For A Keyboard?. Quite a few people thought that was not outrageous. That sounds cheap now, in comparison to a $480 mousepad. What’s next, a $2000 mouse? For that much, I will just hire a guy to sit next to me and say, “point there…no, over there - yeah. Click. Go back…”

If you read closely, you’ll see it doesn’t just have inlaid leather and black suede backing, it has Italian black suede backing. Everyone knows anything made in Europe is automatically awesome and thus worth at least 3x a comparable product made elsewhere.

Also note that it comes wrapped in F1™ tissue paper, which serves the dual purpose of allowing you to blow your nose after opening it. Extra features like that cost money.

You really have a lot to learn about the world if you don’t understand this.

That’s my mother’s idea of a remote/email program. It took her over 30 years to grow and train one properly, though, so I think that’s more than $480.

For that money, I would have expected it to have music and a laser show (or perhaps a lazer show).

My reaction exactly! Criminy, I think I could pull off this design feat with the dusty copy of AutoCAD12 on my raggedy old 200MHz Toshiba. :rolleyes:

I can find you a guy who’ll do it for a lot less than $2000. “Oh yeah, point there…point right there…click it baby! Click it hard!”

The link doesn’t suggest that anyone is paying $480 for a mouse pad. They would be paying $480 for a mouse mat.

There’s definitely a niche for pointless over-use of high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques. I myself have a Xootr scooter with a CNC-machined aluminum deck that cost 5x as much as a Razor scooter.

My favorite shop for such objects (to look at, that is) is Nippon Style. Unfortunately it’s in Japanese, but a few specific links:
[li]Titanium shogi (Japanese Chess) set, $4500[/li][li]Smallest dice in the world, 0.3mm size (1/100 inch), $950 each[/li][li]Aluminum rose, CNC-machined, $4500[/li][/ul]

[li]Smallest dice in the world, 0.3mm size (1/100 inch), $950 each[/li][/QUOTE]

How is it even possible to show these off? (I presume this is part of spending close to a grand on anything frivolous)

Bob: “Hey, check these out. World’s smallest set of dice.”
Jim: “What? Where? I don’t see them.”
Bob: “Closer, look closer. Right there. See them?”
Jim: “Eh? You mean those little dust specks there?”
Bob: “Yeah. See 'em? Here, look through this magnifying glass.”
Jim: <peers> “Oh yeah. They have itty bitty pips on them. snort
Bob: “Aaagh! You just inhaled them!”

Yeah. I can see those going over (or down) well.

I was thinking of a luxurious home for a celebrity rodent. I was wrong :slight_smile:

I was thinking I’d be the first one to make that joke. I, too, was wrong. :frowning: :wink:

I’m reminded of the old car commercials with Ricardo Montalban bragging about the “Corinthian leather” that made the seats of the Chryslers (iirc, it was Chrysler) he was pitching.

There is no such thing as “Corinthian” leather. They made the name up to sound European.

How about $100,000.00 for a Monopoly set??

The F.A.O. Schwarz store in New York City sold a custom version in 2000 called “One-of-a-kind Monopoly” for USD$100,000. [10] This special edition comes in a locking attaché case made with Napolino leather and lined in suede, and features include:

18-carat (75%) gold tokens, houses and hotels
Rosewood board
street names written in gold leaf
emeralds around the Chance icon
sapphires around the Community Chest
rubies in the brake lights of the car on the Free Parking Space
the money is real, negotiable United States currency

Wow… when I was a kid whenever we got anything made of leather my parents joked that it was “fine Corinthian leather” and I thought it was funny but never knew where they got it from.

My entire childhood makes sense now. Thank you for shedding the light.