The 59th Street Bridge Song (A NYC Memory)....

…or, Feelin’ Groovy .

I was listening to my old, classic Simon and Garfunkel album and I started to cry.

I am from NY, but I recently moved to the southwest, and as much as I love the beautiful spareness of the desert, I ache to see NYC again. I have not been in Manhattan since before September 11th. I distinctly remember the Twin Towers being built when I was about six to seven years old, one of my dearest memories. In October, a week before our drive out West, we viewed Manhattan from the vantage point of Perkin’s Drive, up on Bear Mountain. It was a typical brilliant Hudson River autumn day and NYC was clearly visible. The stomach turning gap left by The Twin Towers hurt more than I can ever say, and my tears were swept away by the brisk fall breeze.

Tell me how NYC is these days. What are those twin beams of light like? I feel so far away from the center of the universe.

And I miss The Manhattan Bridge.


I’ve only ever been a tourist in New York, but I’ve been three or four times in the last six months and I think it’s taking it pretty well. I remember when I was there in October (about a month after) – I was very shaky about what we’d find there, but the streets still smelled of fish, the stalls were crowded, and some guy who owned a fruit stand was arguing with his vendor (who had a thick Brooklyn accent) and I knew everything was ultimately going to be OK.