The 70s are gone...but we're bringing them back and you can't stop us!

I started a couple threads in here about 70s music. One is about hits and other songs that you somehow missed, back in the day. The other is about songs that got horrendously overplayed and ate up the airwaves. Seems we have a bunch of 70s-philes…MY PEOPLE! Rock on, ooh, ma soul!

I propose to show a little love for songs that got it right, in your humble opinion. I’m talkin’ 'bout tunes that never got their due, that would make you turn up the radio even today…maybe they’re guilty pleasures or maybe that you just never tire of from that halcyon days between the 60s and the 80s. One(derful) hit wonders welcome. Bring on those blasts from the past!

But wait, if you act now you can avoid shipping and COD! I’m allowing a cheat. That is, post a song that didn’t quite arrive in the 1970s or maybe arrived a little to the party. 1967? 1982? Bring’em on! As near as most of us remember, it was 70ish and that’s good enough. If you label, you might avoid hassling from fellow dopers…'cause they might not think you know it wasn’t technically the 70s! Hey, didn’t we all attend the Freedom School with Billy Jack? I’m just concerned that someone…might…go…BERSERK!

Youtube or other links appreciated but not required. I’ll start.

Sweet City Woman/The Stampeders (bon, c’est bon…)

Feel Like Makin’ Love/Roberta Flack

Go All the Way/Raspberries:

Dancin’ in the Moonlight/King Harvest

Beach Baby/First Class

My cheat: Born to Be Wild/Steppenwolf (1968). IMO this guitar lead makes this song nothing short of distilled sex.

I’ll end with a guilty pleasure…one of the greatest love songs ever, from Roberta Flack. I would have posted this in the “Songs that make you weepy” thread if I were half a man:

Bah! This is the good stuff baby!

You know, I DO enjoy that song, but you’re going to a particularly low level of Hell for getting it stuck in my head, as I enjoy it IN MODERATION. >_<

I can’t stop singing ‘Bon, c’est bon, bon, bon, c’est bon, bon…’

Oh HELL yeah!

Todd Rundgren

Marshall Tucker

War (not a live performance)

A Taste of Honey (live in 2004, they STILL put on a great show!)

Some GREAT stuff in the OP too. STAMPEDERS!


How 'bout:

48 Crash by Suzi Quatro.
Butter Boy by Fanny.
Immortality by Lesley Gore.

Because the Night/Patti Smith group.
“Love is an angel disguised as lust.”—what a line!

Lowdown/Boz Scaggs

Show and Tell/Al Wilson

Hair of the Dog/Nazareth
Now you’re messin’ with…a son of a bitch

After the Love is Gone/E, W & F

And one that just never ages, for me: Don’t Fear the Reaper/Blue Oyster Cult.

More cowbell, baby!

Finally, my cheat du post: Caught up in you/38 special

I see your cowbell, and raise it with Chicago performing a lesser-known cover of the Spencer Davis Group hit.

Montrose, Space Station #5 the album cut with Sammy Hagar.

Montrose, Space Station #5 the live version without Sammy :frowning:

Ruby Starr with Black Oak Arkansas.

And here’s Black Oak Arkansas playing a lesser-known version of a ZZ Top song. You can’t top the Top, but this version has it’s own charm. Would’ve loved to see them do this live, or at least HEAR a live version. From what I’ve seen on Youtube, they put on a great show.

My Cheat: Joe Cocker, from Woodstock(captioned for the clear-headed :smiley: )

“Because the Night”, what a great tune! Springsteen’s writing and Smith’s performance just went together perfectly. I never got the cultish love for Smith I’ve seen. . .nothing else she did ever grabbed me, but this song was epic.

Yeah, I can’t get over the 70’s. Just last week I decided to play “Hot Child in the City.” Then me and the guy started to have “Afternoon Delight.” My husband came home and I couldn’t hide my lyin’ eyes. I yelled “Run Joey, Run” but it was too late. My OL’ man wouldn’t give him three steps and the next thing you knew, he saw the dreaded “Stairway to Heaven”

OMG, those captions are freakin’ hilarious!

Man, I wish I could find the clip of Belushi AND Cocker singing on the same stage. But we gotta have something, so here he is with Raquel Welch…doing “Superstar,” no less:

Amen on “Because the Night.” Someone commented on TV that the song was a mix of the sacred and the profane; works for me.


I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band/Moody Blues

Everybody Plays the Fool/The Main Ingredient (starring Don Cornelius’ righteous 'fro!)

O-o-h Child/Five Stairsteps

Love the One You’re With/Stephen Stills

Cheat du Post: Conquistador/Procol Harum (1967)

The fuck fuck fuckity fuck brigade of near misses:
“How Can I Be Sure” by the Rascals
“Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” by CSN&Y
“Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James & the Shondells

Board: That’s kinda cheating on your cheat allowance lobotomyboy…
lobotomyboy: Er, right.:smack:

Better get in your Chevy Van and join a Convoy, 'cause now you’re a Fox on the Run!

Oh dear og, the convoy one hurt me. . .

Ask, and you shall receive. Bow before the Google God. :smiley:

Thanks, LMFAO! :smiley: Props to Joe for being a good sport!

If we could only bring back the decorating/architectural styles of the Late 50s-Early 60s era instead.

There was a show called “Hey, Remember” on HGTV that had a lot of 60s stuff on it. Great show; no wonder they canceled it.

A few more 70s nuggets:

Tighter, Tighter/Alive and Kicking

Air that I Breathe/The Hollies

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress/The Hollies

Whatever Gets You Through the Night/John Lennon & Elton John

Cheat: Sympathy for the Devil/Stones (1968)

I rode a tank, held a gen’ral’s rank when the blitzkrieg raged and that bodies stank…pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.

Surfing youtube tonite…

1972: Keeper of the Castle, Four Tops
(I wanted to dload this mp3 from Amazon and they didn’t have an album version…wtf? It’s their best song)

1970: Montego Bay, Bobby Bloom
Geez, he was only 28 when he died.

1973: Roll Over Beethoven/ELO

1970: Layla/Derek and the Dominoes

1970: Make Me Smile/Chicago

1972: Why Can’t We Live Together/Timmy Thomas

1974: Life is a Rock (but the Radio Rolled Me), Reunion

1973: Eres Tu, Mocedades

1975: I’m Not in Love, 10cc

1968 Cheat: Supremes/Love Child
Someone once said that writing about music is like tap dancing about architecture; so it would be, here.

Ooh…no one’s mentioned Queen yet!

Killer Queen (1974)

Somebody To Love (1976)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1979)

God…Freddie Mercury was fucking HOT…

Nick Lowe/Cruel to Be Kind

Supertramp/Take the Long Way Home

Don McLean/American Pie

Wings/Maybe I’m Amazed

Eagles/Take it to the Limit
The falsetto at the end is just insane.

Dang you guys are killing me. At least every other song reminds me of a date or a friend from the 70’s (yeah definately old here).

Layla, damn.

Aha! Even apathy can’t stop us!

Good links. I have a real weakness for concert footage on Youtube. Most of my clips I post here are of live music. . .and so, here are some more.

Taking a cue from Lobotomyboy’s list: Chicago- “Make Me Smile”, in concert. It’s raw footage.
Chicago- “Colour my World”, live.
25 or 5 to 4-Live. Video’s not great, but a good performance.

Damn, I love Terry Kath’s guitar and vocals. See my earlier post in this thread for Chicago’s, “I’m A Man.”

I’m not going to cheat. I’m gonna set fire to the rules and stomp all over the charred ashes with this next pick. Not close to being done in the 70’s, not a 70’s sound, and recorded in Russia, here is one of my all-time favorite harmonica pieces. Too good not to tell EVERYONE about.

Most of my bookmarks on YouTube are 70s music. Here is one picked at random:

Roberta Flack: Killing My Softly