The 800 Code for cussin' - anybody heard of it?

I was just reading a collection of columns the late Gordon Baxter wrote for his “Bax Seat” column in Flying magazine back in the 70’s (and they’re still great reads). One item he mentioned has my stymied, but perhaps the Doper hive minde has the information available. What is the rest of the “800 Code”, please?

I’ll just quote Bax here, from a column titled “Conversation Piece” about difficult controllers:

And he left it at that! Can anybody please fill in the rest of the numbers?

823 and thanks :smiley:

917 is oddly abbreviated.

I always thought 917 is SNAFU. Situation normal, all fouled up.


I used to have a couple of codes arranged with the tower guys. One was for “hot chick in passenger seat,” and the other was for “vomit emitted.”

BTW, what is B.F.D?

And it is only Situation Normal All Fouled Up if you are still in primary school.

Big Effing Deal.

Such wonderful memories. In the late 70’s when I was working in a computer room, somebody brought in one of those xeroxed-to-death pages with the 800 codes on it and we memorized most of them while adding some of our own.

I can’t swear that this site has the ones I remember, but it looks damn close.

My favorites (sorry but I wasn’t that insistent on the actual numbers themselves) were: