The 99 Names of God?

My mom’s having a discussion in a bible class that she’s going to be having on Wednesday, and so she sent me out into the world to find as many different names of the Roman Catholic God as I can. Naturally, I turn to the intrepid fighters of ignorance that can only be found here. So I ask you: How many names of God do you know?? Please list them here. Thanks!

Only one, and that’s YHWH, which can be either read as “Yahweh,” or as a breath being expelled. I suppose you could also say that God said his name was “I am that I am” to Moses, but not really.

Well, what exactly are you looking for here? “God” in different languages?

Just to elaborate, “The 99 names of God” is a Muslim idea…that God has 99 names referring to him. Here they are. (Note: I don’t neccesarily agree with the opinions on that website. I am linking to it merely to provide a list of names)

“Popeye”, then, is the 100th. :smiley:

Some say the camel knows the 100th, but he isn’t telling, hence the smug expression.

Here’s a thread on divine names..

The Nine Billion Names of God

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I’m not necessarily referring to the name of God in other languages… I mean, He is referred to as “I am”, “the alpha and the omega”… I’m just looking for more ways to refer to God in that vein.

Check out Genesis, Job, and Psalms for various usages. Here are a few, from memory:
[ul][li]Elohim (God)[/li][li]Adonai (Lord)[/li][li]YHVH (the divine name, meaning, roughly “He causes to be what comes into existence”)[/li][li]I AM[/li][li]El Shaddai[/li][li]El Elyon (God of gods)[/li][li]Jehovah (a misnomer, caused from the misreading of YHVH with the vowel marks for Adonai)[/li]The Good Shepherd[/ul]

The mystics in both Catholicism and Judaism in the Middle Ages (there were no Protestants then) thought that the Names of God had power, and so there are lots of 'em, and there were lots of people trying to “uncover” hidden names of God from the biblical texts. Some of them are realllllllllly stretching it.

The websites already given might give you some lists. Different mystical schools of thought had different lists.

Ok, here’s another list, this one from a “messianistic Jewish” (Christian) site. Let me reiterate, I do not neccesarily support the opinions on the website. (and, if truth be told, feel kind of icky linking to it)

Parallel thread in GD, which got brought back into being active today.

Polycarp, how come you write the name with a V? I thought it was YHWH, and that V spelling came from JHVH.

Polycarp - good show bringing the 9 billion names of God into it. Arthur C.Clarke happens to be one of my favorite author’s whom I have had the divine honor to meet. My job takes me many places, and Sri Lanka was one of them almost a decade ago now…

Sinungaling, it’s the difference between medieval German and modern English.

A lot of European languages use “J” for the sound English-speakers write as “Y”.

When you cross the Alps, “W” and “V” sort of switch places.

So, a Yiddish-speaking rabbi would write it as JHVH, while a yankee would write it as YHWH.