The Accent of San Francisco

Do people from SF have a distinct accent? (For instance, you can often tell people from Boston or certain parts of NY.)

Not that I have noticed.

I would say no, too, and I lived there for 10 years after moving from the midwest. However, San Francisco is like many Californian cities in that a high proportion of the population wasn’t born there.

Only in that you can tell they’re not from Boston or NY or Chicago… :slight_smile:

They have what I’d call a “western” accent, in that they say things like “Nevada”, where the first “a” is pronounced like “at”, instead of like “ah”. Same with Colorado. Oregon= Oreg’n, not Oregahn. And they* don’t say “the 101”. That’s LA.

*I’ve lived here so long I probably should say “we”.

But we do say The City.

ETA: We definitely don’t say “frisco”.

In other words, the correct way. /points to location.

I would say that hella people can’t recognize a SF accent. :wink:

A lisp?

[QUOTE=John Mace And they* don’t say “the 101”. .[/QUOTE]

They do, in fact I do sometimes. It all depends on the context. One of my co-workers was born here and sez “the” about half the time. I have heard local radio traffic announcers use “the” too. However, SoCal always uses “the” and emphasises it.

There is no “correct way” to pronounce a word that is pronounced differently in different places.

That’s because of all those damn SoCal folks moving up here. They started it and are bringing it with them. Forget about building a fence along the Mexican border, we need to build one just south of Monterey! :slight_smile:

With guards on both sides!