The ACLU is getting heat for this article

There is never going to be a perfect solution, and demanding a perfect solution is to deny any solution. When it comes to a question of error, I would rather err on the side the benefits the marginalized than to err on the side that further oppresses them.

For others, oppressing them is the entire point, and all this pearl clutching about competitiveness is simple cover.

I absolutely agree. I just feel some of the recent changes to policy and law are ignoring all of the ills perpetrated on transgender people solely because a transgender woman beat a cis woman.

Just so you know, I was agreeing with and expanding my thoughts upon your excellent post, not attempting to contradict it at all.

I had guessed as much. I apologize if my response came across as confrontational; it appears so on rereading my post.

That approach though could still be prombelamtic. If you allow for the possibility that a transwomen may have a physical advantage similair to the physical advantage a fighter would have fighting several divisions below their weight in a sport like boxing or MMA, is it fair to pressure a competitior to step in to the ring with them with a possible increased risk of serious injury?* As I said it isn’t fully settled and clearly this would be a potential problem only in certain sports, but I don’t think there is a simple answer.

*This in fact isn’t purely hypothetical because there was a transwoman fighter in the UFC whose short career in UFC ended in controversy after an opponents skull was fractured. A fractured skull is an injury that can occur in properly matched MMA fights, but her opponent certianly felt it was a mismatch.

…if you are having a conversation with someone, and your reply happens to consist of only two sentences, it is entirely reasonable to assume that you were talking to me.

Perhaps get out of the habit of dropping random musings into conversations with other people. Especially if that random musing (“that is not the argument that the ACLU article makes though”) was clearly directed at me and makes up 50% of the conversation.

Yes, that’s the cite I used, because it describes how people use the term. Unless you have some kind of Humpty Dumpty version going on?

She was a #500 swimmer when she was on HRT for 9 months. HRT hurts performance. Her best event pre-transition was 11th, post 8th. in the 500 meter freestyle, she was ~10:15 seconds behind the male world record, and now she is now ~9:30 seconds behind the female record.

It’s important to note that in many states it will be a crime to satisfy the FINA requirements. The real intended effect is to squeeze trans athletes out of the public eye.

Yes, Chris Mosier has had quite an athletic career. Patricio Manuel is a boxer who has some wins as a boxer, which is a brave sport to choose if he is at a disadvantage.

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