The Adulterous Wife story from The Pigman

This story has been bothering me for the better part of the day today. I tried googling it but I haven’t found anything. There are many dopers that are a lot better at googling then I am and I am wondering if anyone is able to help. Can anyone link me to the story or can anyone tell me it if they know it? Thanks for any help

Here’s the answer I found. It’s from a teambuilding exercise page, hence the phrasing.

An answer key follows.

Here’s how I’d rank them. What does it reveal about me?

  1. Wife
  2. Assassin
  3. Lover
  4. Boatman
  5. Husband

Who hired the assassin?

Based on the answer key, you prefer

fun over other things.

I originally had them ranked exactly like Sandra, but have a few quantifcations now.

If the Assassin is a wandering thug, who kills her because she just happens to cross the bridge at the wrong time, I rank them as Sandra did.

If the Husband hired the assassin, I feel this mitigates some of the Wifes responsibility, as she was seeking to end the affair, and shouldn’t be betrayed by the Husband(two wrongs do not make a right)…so

If the Lover has hired the hitman(perhaps he knows if the Husband finds out, then his own life is in danger, or cannot bear to live without the Wife), then I rank them:

My other questions would be–did the Husband/Lover also hire the Boatman to refuse her service? Is he in cahoots with the Assassin?

I’d put the assassin and whoever hired him at the top. Adultery is bad form but murder is, well, murder.

Here’s my ranking. I didn’t assume that the husband hired the assassin or anything; I presumed all the events to be coincidence.

  1. Assassin
  2. Wife
  3. Lover
  4. Boatman
  5. Husband


I could not rank anyone except the wife as number one, as she chose to dash across the bridge to the assassin, she had the option of remaining with the lover (except, of course, her husband would then have found out about the affair).

What is an Assassin doing, killing people he’s not getting paid to kill?

Oh, and I rank them all equally responsible, for being involved in a team-building exercise.

  1. Assassin
  2. Lover
  3. Boatman
  4. Wife
  5. Husband

thank you very much!

Maybe he’s just practicing.

Ditto. I can’t see ranking anyone #1 over the guy who, ya know, actually performed the murder.

To me, assassin implies a person actually hired to kill another person, and the husband seems the most probable suspect in that, although we aren’t given the whole story. Assuming the husband did hire the killer, that puts him pretty high on the list. Anyway, my ranking would be:

  1. Assassin
  2. Husband (if he hired assassin)
  3. Lover
  4. Wife
  5. Boatman