the aephids that are born pregnant

In Cecil’s answer about aephids being born pregnant…he said that it was rare in humans: “only one known case”. Does anyone know if he was obliquely referring to the birth of Jesus, or if there’s been an actual, documented virgin birth somewhere?

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In Cecil’s column, Are aphids born pregnant? (24-Nov-89), when he said

he was referring to the birth of Jesus. (Of course, he did not mean that Mary was born pregnant, but that she produced offspring without having had sexual relations.

Sorry, that’s what I meant. I kind of misquoted. I meant the virgin-birth thing. That was what made me think he was talking about Mary and so forth. I thought it might be kind of interesting if there’d been a real, documented case of a virgin birth somewhere. Thanks

Arnold, once again thanks for providing the link. It’s a hassle, and I appreciate it.

What, the Bible not good enough for you? :wink: Great Debates, here we come!

P.S. You’re welcome Jill.

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okay, clarification time. :slight_smile: I was pretty much thinking something recent…or relatively recent, documented by science and medicine; or at least the Guiness Book of World Records. Unfortunately, I can’t hold the Bible to be a “documented case” of it, as I’m an atheist, and have pretty much decided that the Bible is a collection of clever and engaging stories…some no doubt founded upon truth, others mere fables.

Well, claytoaj, you’re in good company here, lots of atheists around (including me), as you can see in the Great Debates section of the message board.

Cecil himself probably meant his comment tongue-in-cheek, though I do seem to recall reading in one of his columns that he was raised catholic.