The Aeronauts is a really good movie on Amazon Prime

It’s got science, its got beautiful scenery, and a really good story.
Just a heads up for anybody looking for something to watch.

Could you provide a link to it? I’m not finding anything relevant.

Did you mean The Aeronauts?

If it’s got Don Knotts in it, I’m in!

The Aristocrats!

Lol. That’s it. (I blame the wine I was drinking last night.)


Fixed title.

For those who come along later and are confused by the direction the thread took, the original title was

The Astronauts is a really good movie on Amazon Prime

Like most Netflix properties, I had no idea it existed until a trailer sneaks in three weeks before release.

Bookmarked. Looks like a fun adventure, right down my alley, with a cast I frequently enjoy.