The airshow has come to town

An airshow is being held this weekend at an airport about 5 miles from where I work. As such, I’ve been hearing jets scream by overhead for the past two days.

At first, it was pretty cool. Especially yesterday when I went for a walk at lunch and could seem them scream by overhead in the bright, blue sky.

But man, it’s getting old.

I’m sitting in my office, trying to concentrate, and for the past 15 minutes, I keep hearing an unworldly scream as one of the jets is doing some kind of maneuver. I was caught off guard by one, and jumped a bit.

Actually, I’m jealous. Damn! I admit it. I’d love to be able to attend that show tomorrow.

I really wish this building had a balcony so I could hang out after work and watch the practice flights.

Talk about freak’n cool!

Pretty cool! You should go see it this weekend!

We kind of have an airshow almost every single day over by my house. Between being on a landing run for O’Hare Airport AND the private planes out of Palwaukee (especially when they buzz my damn courtyard - and yes, we’ve called and complained, and received apologies from the pilots - my husband LOVES making ranting phone calls :rolleyes:, I get a plane screeching through here every twenty minutes! It was quieter when I lived next to railroad tracks. :smiley:

Buzzcut Alabamanians spewing colored smoke out of their whizz-jets to the tired strains of Rock You Like A Hurricane? Bah!

Is this in Battlecreek, MI? If so, one of my buddies is a performer. He just called me yesterday from there…needed advice from a, wait for it…sparky!

Nope. Seacoast NH.

We have air in our town all the time.

I must apologize before I start - this is really aimed at your husband and not at you, and I don’t mean to bring the thread down, but come on. You guys moved close to two really busy airports! What did you expect? We do the best we can, but airplanes are loud! Noise complaints and associated legal action are becoming a real problem for airports large and small all over the world; in 99% of the cases the airport and airplanes were there long before the complaining neighbors showed up. I know this isn’t the Pit, so again I apologize for my rudeness, but unless you guys have been there since 1943, I’ll kindly ask your husband to shut it.

Again, I’m sorry for the bad vibes, but you unintentionally hit a real sore spot there…

sparky!, I actually work right on Pease where the airshow is. Our entire building shakes when they go over. Friday was fun as we had a company picnic and got to watch the “dress rehearsal” but it was definitely tough to get any work done earlier in the week what with the windows rattling and whatnot.

Years ago I was taking my kids for a drive. My son was about 5 and was sound asleep. We drove by Latrobe airport, where an airshow was going on and got to see some cool stuff, but my son slept through it all. My daughter needed something to drink and I needed to stretch my legs, so we stopped at a store and parked the car.

I woke my son and the three of us walked through the parking lot. Just then a biplane buzzed us, doing a barrel roll. My daughter and I barely blinked, but my son’s jaw dropped and his eyes bugged out. But what really freaked him out was our total lack of response.

We tease him about it to this day.

My son was born in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Eglin Airforce Base is located there. We have seen some amazing airshows. The Blue Angels and the United States Air Force Thunderbirds are especially impressive to watch. He fell in love with flight after seeing his first show. His goal is to be a pilot and enlist in a branch of the US military - he is shooting towards the Airforce, or Army. Your post brought back memories of my then little toddler wide-eyed and completely captivated watching jets roaring by.

I’m in downtown Portsmouth, and it was really loud, though also really awesome. I couldn’t imagine actually being at Pease.

Someday, I plan on seeing that airshow.

I live out in the country, and commute about 20 miles through corn and soybean fields each day on my way to werk. One day I came across a cropduster spraying a field of corn. I parked on a side road with a good view of the field (and NOT underneath where he was spraying) and had my own airshow for about 15 minutes.

It was worth being late that day!