The Alamo -- what were they thinking?

What were they thinking??? Place didn’t even have a basement!

And what the heck was Ozzy thinking???

An enormous challenge that Houston faced throughout the Texas War for Independence was that he had very limited control over those nominally under his command. Pretty much the army did what it wanted to do, and Houston could only use his powers of persuasion to try to get his officers and men to go along with his plans. But he had no real way to enforce his authority if they didn’t, leading to disasters like the Matamoros expedition. Even the Battle of San Jacinto came about because his men refused to continue to retreat and Houston made the best of the situation.

In regard to the Alamo, he was well aware that the mission was doomed if besieged. He sent Jim Bowie to destroy the fort and retrieve the cannons, but Bowie decided that the fort could be held and stayed put. And Houston refused to send reinforcements and lose even more men in a hopeless effort.

Commanche, the horse – oh, wait. I’m mixing up my legends here.

Ages ago I read a short story where a time-traveling historian went to the Alamo then let slip what was about to befall them. Travis said, “Screw that!” and the lot of them slipped out the night before Santa Ana’s army arrived to join up with Houston’s army. The historian was still there when the Mexicans arrived. They were astonished to find the place deserted and hustled him before Santa Ana himself.

He told the general that he had a tough campaign before him but when things got sticky, “Remember the Alamo!”