The "Am I Old?" Test

An idea hit me and I want to test it out. I’m going to list 24 names and I want to simply know

  • yes/no: Do you recognize more than half of the names i.e. 13 or more
    Recognize means you are familiar with their work. Something more than “I’ve heard that name before.”
    You are more than welcome to tell us how many names you recognized

  • Your age

Bonus points if you can figure out where I got this list of names. OK, here we go

Juliet Prowse
Connie Stevens
Joel Grey
Ruth Buzzi
Rita Moreno
Jim Nabors
Florence Henderson
Paul Williams
Charles Aznavour
Harvey Korman
Lena Horne
Peter Ustinov
Bruce Forsythe
Sandy Duncan
Candice Bergen
Avery Schreiber
Ben Vereen
Phyllis Diller
Vincent Price
Valerie Harper
Ethel Merman
Kaye Ballard

All but Charles Aznavour.

Months shy of 70.

No. Only like 4 to the level that I could name something they’ve been in/worked on.

  1. Still got that youthful ignorance!

I’m 53, and I recognize most of them because they were all guests on The Muppet Show.

I recognize them all. Muppet show.

ETA: I’m 62.

yes. Age 59

I just suck at names. I’ve passed my sixtieth birthday and i can only place four of them. Another one or two names i recognized as “I’ve heard that, it must be some celebrity”.




More than half -
I recognized a lot of them as appearing on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

I’m 63.

23 of them. I am 61.

22 out of 24; I don’t recognize Charles Aznavour or Bruce Forsythe.

I’m 57.

The last one gives it away.

The original Muppet Show, it’s the only reason I know who or what
“Mummenschanz” is. Once I saw that, looking back I realized all the others were also on The Muppet Show

I got 13, btw.

ETA: 53 (and a half!)

My guess on where the list came from:

Guests on The Muppet Show

12 for me

Didn’t watch the Muppet Show, so that’s consistent. I’m 63.

TEACHER! He cheated! That was my answer. And I’m 10 years older, so punish him!

Same here, but two years older.

Do I get extra points for remembering that at the end of one particular Muppet Show, they accidentally tossed Paul Williams in the trunk with the other muppets?

Fake news… but why are we spoilering the Muppets?

7 I don’t know, I’m 54.

I got everyone but Bruce Forsythe, and I’m 64.