The Amazing Disappearing Poster!

Hey Mods, what happened? Some guy posted an offensive rant (his first) in this forum about the SDMB being home to “homos” and “fudgepackery”. I posted a reply to the effect of “Nice knowin’ ya”, went back a few minutes later and the post is gone (I’m assuming along with the poster). Is this some kind of record banning or does this happen often?

::biff, bam, BOOM::

They work fast behind the scenes.

I’ve seen it happen before. Can’t remember what the topic was but I think it was controversial, and it went pretty quick.

I asked about it too, never got an answer from a Mod, just a few possibles from other members.

Okay, a “me too” post … I saw the OP, thought to myself, “What an idiot” and the next thing I knew it was gone. I think I even remember the user name … The Gipper. (I have a memory that thrives on useless trivia) A search turns up nothing … absolutely nothing.


Funnily enough one of the replies was “nice knowing you” (or something similar)

I’d be willing to bet he’s back.

Remember our dear friend killerapps? Who flung various handfuls of swamp-slime about, and achieved a swift banning? Shortly thereafter a killerapps2 posted some in-your-face drivel as a new thread. I read it, saw there was no reply, decided DNFTT, and went on to other threads. When I checked back an hour or so later, the thread was gone.

And good riddance. Why waste bandwith keeping bad rubbish around? Think of the poor hamsters!

Well, if he is… they better take care of it right quickly again.


That’s one of the things I really like about this board. No nonsense. :cool:

I’ve seen several like this. It means that one of the mods/admins has “layeth the smacketh down,” as “The Rock” would say.

It’s my personal theory that these offenders are being held incommunicado in a camp in Guantanemo Bay…oh, wait…