The Amazing Power of Poop

Farmer Powers Area With Cow Manure

According to the article, the cow shit produces enough electricity to power about 80 homes.

So, could a similar system be used with human shit in large cities? Is it that much different from cow shit?
And would it help the process of sewage treatment?

Don’t know about human shit which is from an omnivore instead of a herbavore (cow) but landfills release methane which is sometimes reclaimed, smetimes just burnt off as the costs of reclaiming it doesn’t all pay off.

Also I remember that cow dung is dryed to a soild and sold as fuel in some parts of the world. This was an example of short circuiting the natural process which in the long run hurts the land and makes it harder to live on. The solution was just as you said to produce methane with it and the remains are used as ferterlizer.

I bet you could, but how are you going to collect all that shit? it’d be insanely hard to revamp an entire city’s sewer system.

You wouldn’t have to. The wastewater treatment plant at the end of the line collects the shit from the wastewater. It is called sludge at that stage of the game.

How it is different from cow shit, I’ve no idea. There’s not a lot of cows around here.