The Amazing Race, 10/21/12

Really? No thread again this week?

One of my favorite lines was from one of the twins. “We’re on a boat with the craziest couple on the race…They’re practically psychotic”—said completely deadpan and with no evidence of psychosis on the other teams’ part.

Anyhow, I am not at ALL saddened by the ending. I was surprised that it wasn’t a NEL, particularly because usually it is a NEL when they start in with the “We coulda been contenders” speech when the last team is on the way to the Pitstop. Maybe the AMazing Editors have heard this feedback finally…or it was supposed to be an NEL and Phil just couldn’t stand the sight of those 2 anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mutt & Jeff … YUCK! The tall one was so abusive (emotionally, verbally), and the short one would seem to lap it up. (IMHO) I couldn’t see how either one of them could ever be in even the simplest of relationships.

Monster Truck and his over the top self righteous American!-ism was kind of off putting as well.

And Wow! What a dirty city! Rocker with his infection worries made me wonder what safeguards there really are for these guys.


I said nearly the same thing to my wife, “This was probably supposed to be a NEL, but they just decided to put these two out of their misery.”

I actually saw an occasional bit of skill from the monster truck team, which was annoying because I hate them.

Made me wonder if he might have had a cut or blister or even just an ingrown toenail or something on his foot that would add to his worry.

Much better episode this week.

I was glad to see the so-far blah, though not dislikable team of James and Abba do the Fast Forward and succeed in coming first. Did I hear that correctly, that he stepped in raw sewage (ie human sewage)??? I noticed in a couple of shots that along the roadside between roadway and apparent sidewalk there were gutters with some extremely dark stuff and they had to hop over them. Welcome to Bangladesh.

It must have been a bit of a culture shock to the bus-repair locals, seeing these screeching women going all macho doing “men’s work”. I was also amused at how annoyed the twins are making the other racers. No doubt, with the constant yipping and high-pitched, high-volume encouragement.

Mrs_Doom commented that she is sick of the Chipmunks, and can’t wait for them to go, and I agree with her. I’d rather have David and Goliath/Mutt and Jeff/Turner and Hooch still around at least providing some yuks than these two vain mimbos.

Best episode yet, I’m thinkin’!

Sorry I can’t link to it, but the Onion AV Club reviewer says “no mas” to further Amazing Race reviews. Today’s review (the final one) calls the Race “stale and predictable”.

Hmmmm. Not so sure I agree, although the racers have become less interesting to me in a sort of “central casting”, formulaic way.

I wondered about that + Diabetes or something.

I don’t mind the twins at all, but I did think it was hilarious when Abbie was miming shooting herself after the endless “Go, twinnie! Go, twinnie!!” On the other hand, Nadiya and Natalie are pretty hardcore. Put a task in front of them and they just do it. End of story.

I loved that a local poured some Sprite on his still-shod foot in order to clean it. Just like you pour Sprite on the outside of your engine if you think it’s overheating. Is there anything in Bangladesh that Sprite can’t do?

I’m actually enjoying Natalie and Nadiya’s craziness as time goes on. I thought in the first episode I would hate them, especially when one of them was being a total bitch during a challenge. But it seems like that sort of talk actually works on them, and it drives the other racers crazy, so it’s a win-win. I loved all the imitations of them as done by other racers.

Still love James and Abba, who seem perpetually stoned, but have no drama whatsoever. Abbie and Ryan are also a pretty good team, albeit a bit boring.

If I ever go on TAR, the Number One ground rule between me and my partner would be “When I’m doing the Roadblock, if you stand there and scream at me, even if it’s supposed to be encouragement, I will kill you. And if it’s a Roadblock where I need to concentrate, the death will be especially painful.”

Glad to see the substitute teachers go, although I thought for sure it was time for an NEL. They haven’t had one yet, after all. Especially after Phil said “I’m sorry to say you are the last team to arrive” which is usually followed by “However…” as opposed to “You are the last team to arrive. I’m sorry to say…” which is usually followed by “you have been eliminated from the race.”

I’m enjoying the twins, but glad I’m not competing against them because I can see how annoying that would be.

I liked the “Jack and the Beanstalk” line directed at Short and Tall. And really glad the Debbie Downer team is gone.

The “Twinnies” are growing on me, but if I were there, I think I would strangle the louder one.

I really want to be irritated by the Twins, but I just can’t help smiling at them. They are loud and their cheering each other on is really irritating to the other contestants, but their enthusiasm for the race and the way they just tackled each task makes me cheer them on.

I was glad to see James and Abba get the Fast Forward. Weren’t they like the 5th team to arrive at the Roadblock? Why didn’t anyone else go for it? I thought that was strange.

Picking up dead rats? I’m not particularly squeamish, but that would give me pause.

And yet, still better than picking up live rats.

The race has been to developing countries before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so AGGRESSIVELY Third World - unending trash in the streets, raw sewage, dead rats, and an Ugly American screaming, “You just cost me a million dollars!” at someone who would never see that amount of money in his lifetime.

Abby is now my favorite racer, both for photobombing the SCREECHING TWINIE and for stuffing the mattress with aplomb. (The latter doesn’t sound dirty at all.)

I guess. I mean, they’re dead, it’s not like they can bite you or anything. I lived out in the country for a while. I can pick up dead things.

Yeah, I like her, too. I was really impressed with the mattress stuffing thing. No one else thought to do it that way. It was brilliant.

Judging by the condition of the bottle I’d guess that it was simply an old Sprite bottle filed with water.

I was really glad to see that the challenges this episode were harder. The bus thing really seemed to require time, skill, strength and patience. Ans while neither the pound cotton nor pound metal seemed really hard, they were at least several steps up from, say, riding on a motorcycle next to a bull.

That’s what I figured too…also, don’t ever do what the guy with the overheating car in the Viagra ad does…