The Amazing Race 11/27/15

Where is everyone? Y’all weren’t still Black Friday shopping, were you? :wink:

The surprise is not that Denise and James Earl were eliminated, but that they lasted this long. They certainly outperformed my expectations. But, God, I really wish it had been Logan and Chris.

Not shopping, but still groggy from the day before. I think marketers created Black Friday so they could get people spending money while they’re blissed out on tryptophan and fatigue.

L&C bicker, but it kinds seems to work for them, somehow.

Nice double fake out leg from the Cheerleaders. The bag broke and I spilled balloons all over the bridge and we’re doomed, <commercial>, we’re fine. We can’t get the generator started for the wedding procession and we’re doomed, <commercial>, we’re fine.

Kind of a foregone conclusion at the end when there were three teams doing the wedding Detour. It didn’t look like there was room for one of the processions to pass another, but I’d have loved to have seen them try.

Fun challenges. Not a surprise those. Next week the final then?

Seconded. He’s a whiny little bitch, she’s a bellicose, semi-abusive jackass. Also, I thought they were paparazzi. What was all that about her being a 6th grade teacher (and I feel for the kids if she is)

Also, given what happened to the cheerleaders and what’s happened to almost every other either younger solo female on a task or all-woman team in India* I hope the amazing producers have armed their cameramen with cattle-prods. In the first dozen seasons this sort of maltreatment of women was shown all the time, and it’s…um…I don’t want to say ‘nice’, so how 'bout “refreshing” to see the honest treatment back again**.

Also, at the end, I loved the really pretty greeter dancing with the cheerleaders. We used to have more greeter/racer interaction and just seeing the fun they were having was nice. And that…aargh…toga-gown thing the greeter was wearing was really beautiful. I can’t believe I can’t remember the name of what the thing is called?:smack:***


**One of the best moments in TAR, evar was when Christie (of Colin and Christie-“My OX IS BROKEN” fame) turned to some Indian pervert who had touched her boob or her ass and she threated to kick his ass if he ever touched her again. Go Christie.

***What *is * the name for the toga/dress/covering the greeter was wearing??? It’s on the tip of my tongue


It starts with a “sa” and ends with a “ri”.

The Bickerazzi just seem to feed off each other - his wishy-washy indecision and her over-aggressive impatience. The Indian heat didn’t help matters.

Just how hot was it, anyway? Every team was sweating buckets by the time they got to the Pit Stop. Even Phil’s Amazing Blouse couldn’t keep him cool.

:stuck_out_tongue: no need to be sorry, I couldn’t remember it either :wink:
OK I’m going to hell for that one:p:p

Chris and Logan, who fight constantly, are paparazzi.

Justin and Diane are the unbeatable green team. Diane is a 6th grade teacher.

Diane and Logan don’t really look similar. Not sure how you conflated the two.

My daughter commented that she couldn’t tell what color Chris’s shirt was supposed to be, he was so drenched in sweat.

Wiki says the filming was done between June 22 and Jul 14 so that puts them in India around July 10th.

Wiki says May and June are the hottest months for New Delhi but July’s average high is still a sticky 95 deg F…

I got confused at that too, I think they might have had Logan in the shot when Diane was talking. It wasn’t until I saw Diane giving the kids tattoos that I figured it out.

What was up with the U-Turn before the detour? Have they ever done that before?

If you’re talking about what happened on the bridge, I’m wondering how much was sexist or even intentional. From behind, you’d only see the balloons and not even know if it was a man or a woman on the bike. All the Racers complained about how insane the traffic was; maybe she was just the only one to really suffer for it. Or maybe the locals were giving the hot girl an extra hard time. I’d have to watch again to be sure.

We wondered that as well.

The U Turn placement was indeed weird to me too. Also I missed why losing all the balloons was cool. Shouldn’t that have been a problem for that team?

It seemed to me that someone local running a long with them had cut the net or popped a bunch of balloons. In other words, a local sabotaged the cheerleader and it wasn’t a problem because it wasn’t her fault.

And yeah, we were perplexed by the placement of the U-turn as well.

I didn’t see any spare nets at the Roadblock, so once hers was torn there may not have been any way to go back and fix things. Plus, she didn’t gain any time by not delivering a full load of balloons, so it didn’t affect the leg.

Wasn’t this the first time they’ve had three U-Turns in a Race? They may have moved it up so it didn’t catch the teams completely out of the blue. And the Race went from the Detour directly to the Phil, so where would they have put the U-Turn?

I don’t believe for a moment that Logan and Chris are a RL couple. It’s my belief that Chris plays for the other team. She screeches, he’s passive aggressive. The cheerleaders sound like Fran Drescher and grate on my ears.

Usually, the two different tasks are set up. You choose one, finish, then go back to the u turn board. Having it done before the tasks is what I’m talking about, not the physical location.

I found this to be a pretty blah episode. But the tasks here were pretty ho-hum - blow up balloons, drive a bike, then push stuff (even worse, BOTH choices of the U-turn were pushing stuff!) Boooring. I miss seeing which teams fail miserably at skill-required challenges. Denise and James Earl must’ve been really far behind to not be able to catch up with the Paparazzi U-turned.

The first U-turn this season was within sight of the Pit Stop. Actually, it was so close to the Pit Stop that they could have directly asked Phil how many teams had already checked in. They could have done the same thing this time.