The Amazing Race 3/28

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Seychelles? Saychelles? Seashells?

Which again might be a bit late due to basketball.

AAACK – I forgot March Madness was still going on :sigh:

Well, at least I’m off tomorrow, so I’m not dreading staying up to watch and only getting less than 6 hours of sleep :slight_smile:

Well it will be about 25-30 minutes late. Which works out, because the kids have to go to bed.

“I have never met an ox that I could trust”

Did every team make a big error? Zut needs to put everyone in flat tire category.

Detectives did the best but they didn’t reserve a seat at the front of the plane
Cowboys didn’t reserve a seat, and they missed a coconut, and they forgot the bottle
Brent/Caite missed a coconut.
Dating Girls didn’t reserve a seat, and missed a coconut, and couldn’t lure the turtle correctly.
Steve/Allie left their backpacks

Were the brothers the only team not to make a mistake?

I think you’re right. The brothers were the only team who did the coconuts who didn’t miss one.

You’re right :nodding: They also got the least screen time.

Thank god for nonelimination rounds. For a minute there I was holding my breath for the cowboys and gnashing my teeth because the lesbians caught up :grr:

I was thinking of how many mistakes the cowboys have made in just the last two legs.

Got the cork clue and went to the wrong town
Got the champagne bottle clue and went to the wrong town
Didn’t reserve a seat on the plane
Left a coconut behind
Left the bottle behind
And did “I quit” Brent & “this is stupid” Caite call the lesbians negative?

IIRC, The detectives did the coconuts, and without error.

And FTR, the Seychelles looked gorgeous. I don’t remember those islands being affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami from a few years back. But I would guess all locations in the Indian Ocean were hit.

Are there direct flights from Paris to Seychelles?

Oh. my gravy! My poor cowboys. And I wonder how the father-daughter team will do without any of their stuff. Still, I admire the cowboys and hte father/daughter team for their positive attitudes. No whining or complaining, just glad to be racing.

I agree, the attitudes of the cowboys and the father/daughter are great—They all seem like decent people, and actually seem to be enjoying their time on the Race…

If it were me, I would buy a toothbrush (and maybe a hairbrush for the daughter), a pair of cargo pants and a couple of cheap t-shirts and be good to go for a couple more weeks.

I sure like the “That’s it, I quit” comments made by a couple of different Racers—Just wait until they are actually faced with something truly difficult or frustrating (think haystacks) as opposed to simply having to ride around on an ox-cart for a few more minutes.

Yep, and everyone else seems to agree. It’s anonymous!

They knew they had an hour head start on the last three teams, and the the coconut Detour took at least as long as the bananas. The goal is still to not come in last, and if the Race goes anyplace cold, they could be hurting. They should have gone back for their packs.

However, there was a brief shot near the end that showed them eating their luxurious seaside dinner, and she was wearing something different. Maybe they bought something else to wear, or they have access to items at the Pit Stop that they don’t have to carry around with them.

When he was announcing their prize, Phil said that there had been a 7 theme to the leg. I don’t recall any sevens.

There were 7 bottles in ocean. there might have been 7 turtles and 7 oxen. there were only three helicopters.

Didn’t every team leave their backpack before they swam out to the boat. They obviously got to retrieve their back packs.

I just looked up the old threadon Competing on TAR “Must do’s”.

I want to go on The Amazing Race.

Yeah I was wondering about that. Because the father/daughter team left their shoes on the boat when they swam out to the beach as well. And as everyone had to swim in the water at the end of the leg, they must have put their packs somewhere.

I think they were allowed to leave their packs on the boat and have them brought to the Pit Stop, but not leave them at the detour. I imagined these little details are more spelled out than what we see.

After the detour, they swam out to the boat. The brothers left their backpacks on the beach.

I miss Jeff and Jordan. Bad luck with a taxi followed by two straight legs without a single bunching point, and now that they’re gone everyone gets bunched automatically on the same plane? Lame.

Great leg, though. This was classic Amazing Race with bunching points, every task was easily completeable, the popular task was easy to screw up, all the tasks fit in with and showed off the local culture, and the scenery was beautiful. Can’t get much better than that.

I was disappointed with the NEL, though. I like the Cowboys, but they’ve been terrible racers in the last couple legs and deserved to be eliminated.