The Amazing Race

Has anybody got any information about THE AMAZING RACE? Is it coming back? And, if so, when???

According to MSNBC , it’s a go for mid-season.

What does younger contestants mean? Also:

No non-elimination legs? I’m not sure if I like that or not.

Mid-season, but in a couple weeks I’ll be able to get my fill of Phil because he’s doing a Canadian show called No Opportunity Wasted.

I should’ve finished filling out the form and sent it in, but ah well.

“Younger contestants?”

Oh…dear. Part of the fun is – or was, early on – was that the people were just people. Different ages and all. I don’t think I’m going to like it if it becomes the Amazing Race of the Beautiful Twenty-Something Model Actor Wannabes.

As much as I’ve loved the Race, I’m afraid there’s a shark in the not-too-distant future…

“Younger contestants.” Meh. That could just mean they don’t happen to have any codgers this season. I can’t honestly say I’d miss yet one more old couple interviewing “We’re not as fast and strong as some of the other teams but our life experience will keep us in the Race.” Because that’s worked so well in past races, what with the string of old people winning out over the 20-somethings and 30-somethings in great physical shape.

Ditching the NEL. Not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand it was almost always obvious when one was coming and the penalties were by and large ludicrous (although the last one with the “be 1st or take 30 minutes” was pretty good). And again I won’t miss people racing along saying “maybe it’s non-elimination, maybe we’re still in it.”

I’m pretty sure I won’t mind the NELs being eliminated. I was SO glad they stopped the penalties that involved taking their money away. Seeing (relatively) rich Americans beg for money in other countries made me squirm in discomfort. And I think it’s more sporting to always eliminate the last-place team, vs. some getting through just based on the luck of which leg they came in last on.

Really looking forward to TAR this season!

What about wee Carissa?

If I read the article right, CBS has the show already in can, so possibly if one of their new fall shows goes toes up, they can slide TAR into the breech. January’s a long time to wait.


The main reason for non-elimination legs seemed to be to insure that there would be three teams left to make it to the Finish Line. Otherwise the race would end somewhere in Asia or Australia and nobody would win.

No non-elimination legs suggests that this race will have fewer episodes.

I thought about that, but maybe they will have a couple of those double legs, where they get to the pit stop, and Phil tells them that they are still racing.

I love the double legs, especially towards the end of the Race, when you can just see the exhausted couple’s faces crumple as Phil gives 'em the old psych-out.

Or it suggests that there will be more teams in addition to the already noted double-length legs.

Why would a show this popular, if it’s already in the bag, not be on the fall lineup? And why would they put out a teaser that the teams are younger? Something doesn’t add up to me.

Maybe this season really sucked?

I still think Charla and Mirna need to be on each race

Along with Rob and Amber!

It’s expensive and time consuming to produce and has a short shelf-life since CBS can’t rerun the episodes. It’s not overwelmingly popular but there is an audience that will follow it. So it makes sense in a scheduling point of view that CBS can hold it back to fill in a hole in the schedule when one of the new fall series inevitably dies a quick and gruesome death. And if by some miracle a show doesn’t then the Race can fall into rerun season with the ending crossing into sweeps.

One more thing, I’m 90% sure that this means they filmed the season over the summer and it will take them a few months to get the edit they want together. So that’s a factor as well.

Oh, she was great – about the only thing about that season that was. She’s cool.

There’s no reason why CBS can’t rerun them. GSN runs them in syndication so there must be some interest in them (that’s how I got turned into a TARfly, through GSN’s repeats).

The show, while still popular, has lost some viewership. I think CBS is trying to build a demand for the show by holding it out until mid-season.