The American Legion: Irony Much?

I can’t think of anything else to say that would further highlight the ironic stupidity of this statement.

But then, this is a group that made Mussolini an honorary member, so maybe Mr. Cadmus just wants to bring the AL back to its roots.

You must not have got the memo: we must surrender our freedoms in order to protect them.

That was uncalled for. There are many groups that can be made to look bad by modern standards if you go back far enough. Hitler had many admirers in America before 1939. Many leftists willfully ignored Stalin’s crimes against humanity.

If you read the entire article, Cadmus is not saying that protests should be banned, just that some forms of protest are harmful to the country and encourage our enemies.

A lot of the country has taken some bad turns lately, but the fact that I keep hearing that folks actually think that people should not be allowed to protest wars is, I think, the one that chills me the most.

I truly never would have thought it was possible in this country. Sure, a crackpot here and there, maybe about the same amount of people who thought E.T. probed their assholes with his glowing finger in the cornfield. But ever since Bush started pushing for war with Iraq, it comes up with startling regularity.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything less American.

The only form of protest he appears to exempt is “correspondence to their elected officials”.

Yes, they want to limit people’s protests to “correspondence to their elected officials”. In others words, to almost pure ineffectiveness.

He’s not asking for it to be made illegal as far as I can tell. He’s calling for people to voluntarily refrain from public protests.

I think he’s extremely misguided, but he’s not actually at the level authoritarian repression yet.

After reading the article, it seems like they’re saying “We respect that you’re protesting. Now, SHUT UP! You’re helping the terrorists when you protest!”

I didn’t say or imply he did. It’s still a dangerous and un-American notion.

This is the BBQ Pit; expecting “fair” here is like expecting snow in Death Valley. :slight_smile:

(And hey, here’s another: the American Legion apparently tried to undermine the US government back in 1933…)

Irony much?

I’ll be in Washington DC for an antiwar march in about a month. The American Legion is cordially invited to eat shit.

Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion
For God and Country

Legionnaires Condemn War Protests, Pledge

Resolution No. 169 - Support For The War On Terrorism

Never mind, the American Legion already did:

Where’s the irony? Are they actually calling for laws to end protest or are they planning on protesting anti-war demonstrations and rail against the media?


They appear to be claiming we must give up our freedom in order to preserve it; sort of like “I destroyed the village in order to save it.” .

The line “whatever means necessary…” sounds more like taking our freedom with chains and truncheons, than it does convincing us to give it up.

As this line from the legion’s own article demonstrates, the group has not come to terms with the debt they owe Vietnam war protestors for getting them, and the nation, out of that quagmire before Reagan’s second term:

But you have to understand … it’s only wrong when a Democrat does it. If a Republican protests a war and uses terms like “wagging the dog” or “lack of a clear exit strategy” he’s a hero and a patriot. It’s only when the traitorous Democrats protest wars that the morale of the troops is undermined.


They don’t owe them a damn thing. Richard Nixon ended the war.

Nope, the Viet cong ended the war by taking Saigon in April 1975. Nixon resigned in disgrace on August 9, 1974.

I’m sure he would have been real eager to if there hadn’t been any public protests against the war.