The Amplituhedron

Instead of taking a tangental discussion even farther astray, let me start a new thread here.

The amplituhedron

seems to be a new computational tool to figure out quantum physics (and possibly quantum gravity).

IIRC, like Feynman diagrams, this construct acts as a mathematical shorthand, reducing pages and pages of equations into a few simple pictograms, or, in the case of the amplituhedron, ONE multidimensional faceted gem.
The Amp. manages to do away with Locality (spacetime) and Unitarity (all possible probabilities must add up to one).

What this implies is that space and time are NOT fundamental constituents of reality, but are constructed from something deeper and hidden.

Has anything new popped out of this tool in calculating Black Holes or the Big Bang?

Linky no worky.

I think this may be the thread you are referring to? Physicists please help explain: jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculation

Well, for what it may be worth, here’s a fairly recent article giving a beginner’s explanation. I’ve only just skimmed it, not actually read it (as if I would understand any of it :rolleyes:) – so I don’t know if it describes any newer developments or if it’s just a newly-written description of work as it was way back when.

Amplituhedron (For the Rest of Us), by Gale Martha (I think), August 8, 2015.

It just occurred to me…if you assign a negative value to the “length” of an “edge”, “facet”, “volume”, etc., would that describe antimatter or even exotic matter?

Lets bring in i, the basis of Imaginary Numbers.

Sometimes i pops up in quantum mechanics.