The Apotheosis of Judy Garland

Mudd’s hobby: Tease the Loonie.

The scary thing is, in order to write that I had to put myself in a space where his hypothesis was correct, and work from there.

Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

I find it most interesting that you present this important message to these Boards as if it were a joke. As clear as MUD they say don’t they?

Rest assured to those of us who know what you’re talking about , your exposition is a valued contribution to the Oz- theme. The wizard, the muppets, Frank, the brand of light-bulbs, it all fits doesn’t it?

If you doubt my credentials, check out my location…
(G. Mast. IIIrd deg.,
Init. Sac. Mupp.,
Init. Rub. Slipps.,
Scrmng. Qun.,
Drma. Qun.,
Sze Qun.)

Ixnay! Ixnay! 'Specially about itelay ulbbays!

You don’t think people will pick up on the homophonic pun implied in a communique from an Ozzie to a Canadian?

You don’t know Jack, Ruby-Slippers or no.
BTW, give my regards to his nibbs.

(Worzel Gummidge Down Under was much better than the first series, FWIW.)