The Apprentice -- 1/27 (Spoilers)

That was a pretty cool fight.

She… quit?

She’s quitting when there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of applications that would kill their first twelve born children just to lick The Donald’s boot heels?!!?!

Wait, what was her name?

First quitting, should be interesting.

Well, she might come back after the break.

Verna. The one that kicked ass on customer service with Danny.

Tara calling people by their first names – that’s creepy and obnoxious.

Verna is crazy as a freakin’ bedbug.

Erin is Ashley Simpson, I didn’t even need to ask about that one! HA!

Diogenes, I agree, that was a great fight.

Verna’s a nut. What is this, Dr. Phil?

Well, for those who initially thought Erin was kind of a bitch it appears we were wrong…she’s a HUGE bitch.

Yeah, my version of the American Dream definitely involves inheriting a few billion. :rolleyes:

I think Danny’s trying to dial it waaayyy down this week. He hasn’t said or done anything overly annoying yet (but he needs to permanently lose the guitar. He’s only tempting fate by bringing that thing out. It’s only a matter of time before somebody does a Bluto.

I hope Kristen bites it. If you have so little control over your anger that you can’t even stop yelling when customers are right there, you are a liability.

And I hate her makeup.

Jesus, this season blows. :frowning:

They’re just letting him have it. This is brutal.

Not fun. Sheesh, two billion people applied, all filling in the forms with their own arterial blood, and these clowns are who they got?

Well, Brian sucked for sure. he deserved to get fired and he had no idea how to behave in a board room but I was kind of hoping to see those women (whose names I don’t know yet) get taken to task for having a screaming fight in the parking lot.

Oh well…Brian couldn’t have done more to screw himself if he tried.

Chris in the board room – did anyone else wonder if that was the first time we saw him? I don’t remember him from last week or this week, and there he is going postal and getting noticed. :eek: Betcha he gets noticed next week too.

NetWorth is toast, team-wise, at least for awhile. Next week’s board room looks good.

The Iowa Girl (Tana) did okay though, didn’t she? You guys? She was pretty good, huh? Huh? :slight_smile:

Were you spying in our house? MrValley and I looked at each other during that fellatioration and said nearly the same thing. :slight_smile:

Pssst…Twicks, I love ya cuz you say “chez twicks” instead of “at chez twicks” (well, that, the Apprentice threads, and the fact that you have the coolest job description ever).

In her one big scene, she totally did. It would be interesting to see her as a PM.