The Apprentice -- 1/27 (Spoilers)

Finally, it’s Thursday – or, as it’s known chez twicks, “A-Day.” It’s a bit sad how much I look forward to this show. I have a life – I really do! – it’s just on hold on Thursday nights.

The second of two 90-minute episodes (that’s 8:30 Eastern, 7:30 Central), and the promos have been touting two things:

[li]They have three hours to rehab a motel. Three hours? You can’t do much more than clean in three hours. What does one’s cleaning ability have to do with business savvy?[/li][li]Someone walks off the task and Carolyn goes chasing after him or her. Who will the prima donna be? And will the story be at all interesting, or have we been suckered by clever editing again?[/li][/ul]

See you back here at 10, if not before… :wink:

Three hours to clean a hotel? It took me four and a half to clean my townhouse yesterday, with all the furniture and crap already out!

I hope the teaser isn’t too much of a tease. I at least want to see Carolyn lay a smackdown.

The walker has gotta be Ashlee Simpson (Erin I think). Just more of her plan to show the men that businesswomen can be tough and sexy. Part one was sobbing while flopping around on someone’s bed in a miniskirt. :smiley:


Anyone else absolutely convinced that the people that will end up staying at the refurbished hotel are doing so under payment from the show itself? I can’t help but think that is the case with things like this, apartment renting tasks, etc. Redoing something and then opening up for business and actually having customers in about 24 hours doesn’t exactly happen smoothly.

That said, a female goes home tonight. Who? I’ll pick Tara.

I’m impressed that you guys remember anyone’s name!

I’ve urged my neurotic roommate to yell at the tv tonight, specifically at Danny.

This should prove interesting. I will endeavor to share some memorable roommate quotes tonight.

Yeah, I can’t tell 'em apart yet, either.

BTW – the guy who was swearing his head off last week is a friend of the sister of one of my underlings – Philly boy. We’re so proud.

Danny: [Trump] thinks I’m a disaster.


Well, Danny certainly got the message. Check out that suit.

Ah, the Philly boy we’re so proud of – Brian.

This should be good. Shore real estate is his big thing.

Erin, don’t be annoying! I want you to win this thing! Shut up about your way of doing business. Don’t you know Xena? “Your tribe doesn’t matter here.” (And wow, she totally looks like Ashlee Simpson)

ronincyberpunk, bless you. :smiley:

That paint job looks like crap. What were they thinking?

Where is Bren’s accent from? It sounds like Southern mixed with Texas…

“You don’t know Donald Trump. Donald Trump is just like me.”

Roomie H: That’s because he has wads of money that he could roll in tar, set on fire, and stick to you. He just has that much money.

Carolyn’s wearing a leather jacket.

My god.

“My mind was mentally exhausted.”

That was deep.

They don’t know to take the plastic off the mattress?

Roomie H: Danny actually rocks. He noted that college students know how to party.

Me: Since the highschoolers partied their way out of college, or out of even getting to college.

Roomie H: Point.

Maybe they were worried the guests would piss the sheets.