The Apprentice, 10/7/04

I just hope that it isn’t Pamela that gets the axe. I just can’t stand those other women!

I no longer feel sorry for the women.

I hope Pamela wins, only because I want to see her working out again.


The murder is obviously going to lynch Pamela this time but she’s not doing a good job of defending herself. She needs to find another scapegot or she’s toast. She should go after Maria for sucking on camera. That’s what i would do.

George on “why there isn’t a tie” absolutely owned.

God, I hate Stacey.

“Do you want another Enron on your hands, Mr. Trump? Here’s Pamela.”

That woman is brilliant. Evil, but brilliant.

Shut up, Stacey.


Dammit, she didn’t ask you to be an attorney. She asked you to be a businessperson interfacing with the legal department. That’s a very different role. And the Enron line was amazingly overboard.

OUTRAGE! :eek:

Ho. Ly. Shit.

Also agreed.



Props to Carolyn for sticking up for her.

Pamela didn’t deserve that but she did an awful job of defending herself.

I also have to admit that she overpriced those sponges. They should have been $19.99.

The men overpriced their product too, they just got lucky.

Also: it’s bullshit that Pam can’t read people. She obviously read the women perfectly – she read that they were all incompetent idiots who needed a drill seargeant to get them to work effectively.

I think Carolyn (and later Trump) was totally wrong when she said the product was overpriced. I’ve bought those Mr. Clean eraser sponges (which work wonderfully) but they’re at least $3.00 for two, possibly more. Pricing the sponges at about 1/2 of retail is under-pricing. If they’d priced it at $30, they’d still be much less than retail and would easily have won.

I’m sorry to see her go, but Pamela’s “Thay loved having real leadership” was about as blind as it gets.


On the bright side, Pamela was the best PM that the women have had and got them the closest to a win largely by shutting down all the personal, petty carping. Next week the women will be left to their ususal cannibalistic ways and they’ll lose another task.


Great episode (reward sequence was hysterical)…with a crappy crappy ending.

The women continue their cattiness as they gather to scheme against Pamela.

Enron. :rolleyes: Begone with you, Stacey.

How does Stacy fit all those words in that tiny little body?

I never liked Pamela and I think she was being a bitch to Team Apex just because she could. But she didn’t deserve to be fired. Now for the cynic in me-- Pamela was fired because Apex is way too entertaining as a group of backbiting harpies.

Also, who’da thunk Raj had a body under that tie?

Pamela deserved to get fired. The product pricing was absolutely absurd for cleaning sponges. $ 19.95 is the magic number for stuff like that. It was a bad, bad call. She had no f***ing clue about appropriate price points for middle class consumers.

Pamela was 0 for 2 as group leader. I wonder if that was the major reason why she was fired?