"The Apprentice" -- season finale

Okay, the second most boring season ever is almost over. Who’s gonna take it all – the guy with the weird mouth or the guy with the weird ears?

I’m hoping for Weird Mouth, myself. Lee is a smarmy little bastard, and I think it would be just wrong to give the prize to a guy that sat out two of the challenges. You knew the schedule ahead of time, dude. If you knew you couldn’t be there for two tasks, you shouldn’t have gone for it at all. It’s not a level playing field if you get to coast on the team’s efforts in your absence.

I think that’s a bit unfair. Competing on The Apprentice is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I think it’s a bit extreme to say that he shouldn’t have participated at all. If it was okay with the producers, then I’d say that he was well within his rights.

Moreover, in the real world, people are routinely given accommodations for religious observances. If someone can’t deal with that, then that person should not be the apprentice either.

Lee deserves to win. Certainly, taking the high holidays off was a gamble. But he played it masterfully. He avoided getting into the petty politics that arise when one is working on a task, but maintained relationships with the important players. No-one really dislikes Lee, but if he hadn’t navigated the relationships carefully they certainly would. (Remember, Lenny, his best buddy, castigated him for observing the holidays. Clearly this was a yeoman’s job of politicking to get into his good graces.

He also knew how to play the game. He was low-key in the beginning, a solid contributor. When it was his time to lead, he came up with momentum-shifting ideas (think of the aborted sandwich deal in the 7-11 pizza task, the price points on the Xbox task). His ideas were so good, even when they didn’t work out, he still got props for his on-his-feet thinking.

Man, the people in charge of Lee’s charity are a bunch of ball busters. Some of their points are valid, but they’re very condescending and contemptuous in the way they make them.

I’m not sure that having Lenny meet the players is such a bad idea. These are hockey players after all, so half of them are probably going to be Russian. It might be helpful to have someone talking to them who speaks Russian and can pronounce their names.

Good lord, did Lee eat stupid food for breakfast?

Funny that they missed Jason Priestly but they were Johnny on the Spot for Jaime Pressley.

This is going poorly for Lee and that’s too bad because he’s really a lot better than Sean.

Oh dear Lord… Lenny is just… weird at times. The scene in the locker room? What the hell was going on there?

If I was Lee I’d have Lenny sequestered in a locked room where he can’t interact with anybody. Ballbusting lady is evil but I agree, Lenny is one sketchy character to have as your public face…

Is it just me or does Jaime Pressley seem unpleasant?

The flat out guessing with the equipment didn’t seem all that smart.

Okay, I just missed about five minutes’ worth – how did the event go for Lee?

Hey Lenny, way to go opening the door for the chick behind you.

Actually, this was a poorly managed part of the broadcast. Shouldn’t some stagehand have held the door open for the rejects as they walked through?

Lee = loser edit from hell

I don’t know, I was kind of distracted by her hotness.

Lee is like goat?

Oh, he said gold.

Heh. I though he said “goat” too.

I don’t see it. Carolyn definately looks hot tonight though.

damn. Sean annoys me.

Bad call. le is smart and competent. Sean is a complete wanker. Who are the morons who voted for Sean?


Lee was robbed!

You know, I just can’t find myself getting worked up enough to actually care about either one of them winning. A pair of wankers, the both of them.

Ivanka, for all her money, sure needed to get her dress fixed, though – it was downright flappy around the arms, didn’t even begin to fit her. For shame, Ivanka!

Is it sad or what that I care more about Ivanka’s dress than the winner of the whole contest? Man, what a snoozer of a season.