The Arab Uprisings Have Gone Too Far

I watched the Tunisian uprising with some small measure of excitement. I cheered when the Egyptians toppled their brutal pro-American dictatorship. I happily daydreamed about further revolutions in American lapdog nations such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq. I happily imagined a strong, united, prosperous Arab world; a land that rejected the West and its antiquated political and economic theories, a land that followed its own path into a bright future…

Unfortunately, somewhere along this path, the new Arab dawn veered completely off course. Instead of a glorious uprising against the parasitical monarchical oligarchs of Saudi Arabia, we got… bloody protests against Colonel Gaddafi?!? Am I the only one that finds this entirely revolting and unacceptable?

Contrary to widespread Western propaganda, few individuals have done more for the Arab world than our comrade Colonel Gaddafi. In an age when kissing the West’s filthy posterior became the norm rather than the exception in the Muslim world, the Colonel bravely stood up to the West and its corrupt mentality. In an age when Arab dictators raped and plundered their nations, the Colonel selflessly dedicated himself to lifting Libya out of its quagmire using the power of socialism. In an age when nations glowered at each other with loathing and distrust, the Colonel tirelessly pursued policies of pan-Arabism and pan-Africanism.

Clearly, this man is a hero – not just for Arabs, nor just for Muslims, and not even only for Africans. Colonel Gaddafi is a hero for all of mankind, and I for one find it deeply disturbing that a rabid pack of traitors is now trying to destroy his government. If he is forced out of power, it will be a terrible loss for the entire world. It is my sincere hope that he is able to weather this storm and to crush this despicable treachery once and for all.

Something is clear all right, and it ain’t that Gaddafi is a hero.

Assuming this entire OP isn’t a joke, are you holding up the shambles of Gaddafi’s Libya as a shining example of a progressive economic model?

Yeah, it’s all gone way to far…why don’t you head on over there and straighten those disillusioned traitors out? Clearly they need to be [strikeout]killed[/strikeout] shown the foolhardiness of their ways.

Here’s $5.

Surely you think that the Libyan people have the right to choose to kiss our posterior for a change instead of his. Maybe ours tastes better. So there.

For those curious…
Rinse and repeat.

In Soviet Russia the dictator ousts you!

I think FinnAg’s links rather suggest “performance art.”

Would that include Lockerbie?

ETA: wmfellows, right you are… and fairly amusing at that.

lol…history makes crazy people angry!

Yes, you are.

What happened to,

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Yes, I still stand by my position that the outcome of popular struggles determines whether or not a given cause had sufficient public support. A struggle is a conflict between two or more opposing viewpoints; surely I am entitled to take sides like everyone else?

We do not yet know what will happen in this situation. I hope that the traitors do not represent the will of the Libyan people; if they do not, then their uprising will fail. If they lack popular support, then the only way for them to win will be if the government shows undue restraint in dealing with them.

Yawn. Commissar is less convincing than Tron Guy.

So your argument basically boils down to, “Insane, evil, murderous dictators that are US allies - BAD; insane, evil, murderous dictators that aren’t - GOOD”

There’s no danger of Muammar’s gang* showing any restraint, but I suspect his regime is over no matter what he does now.

  • I don’t think they can properly be called a “government” any more; not only do they emphatically not hold the reins of power for a majority of the country, but the man’s own appointed ministers and envoys have begun to publicly disavow him. They see how this will end.

No. I heard Gadhafi is a trifle peeved about the whole thing, too.

Well, let’s see now. Gadhafi has held power in Libya since 1969. How many times in that span of more than forty years has he really measured the popular will of his countrymen in a fair election? Did he ever contemplate stepping down if his countrymen demanded a shift in power? Events of the present indicate that these considerations weren’t foremost in his mind.

You take sides according to your viewpoint, not according to the genuine popular will in these countries. You are the furthest thing from a democrat. This is not an insult, just an observation. You would probably readily admit that you are interested in other political values more than democracy.

The problem is that these attitudes lead to autocratic (or worse) systems where human rights abuses are commonplace. You seem fond of the political system in Belarus - a country described as dictatorial by most observers.

In short, your political values are warped, and your conclusions are frequently wrong as a result. I cannot trust your judgment in this area.

If his soldiers are firing on peaceful protesters, he’s not exactly the hero you are talking about. But then again, I’m just another idiotic American who believes in the inalienable right to peacefully protest.

In other threads Commissar has claimed to be opposed to democracy, on the theory that the idiot citizenry might vote against communism.

Wow, Commissar’s still here? I’m surprised.

Nailed it.