The Aroma of ...

What exactly is in the air of hardware stores? It’s so pungent, and every time I visit my Home Depot or Lowe’s I always wonder how many brain cells I’m killing.

Probably the fertilizer. Not manure, the Scotts-type stuff.

To me it’s a struggle between lumber and lawn chemicals, depending on what side of the store you are on.

Well, isn’t lumber treated with formaldehyde?

Is that formaldehyde I’m smelling when I’m checking out the wood floors?!

Pressure treated wood, particle board and fiber board will emit a regulated amount of formaldehyde, but probably not wood flooring. Wood and wood coatings also contain a lot of volatile organic compounds.

To me it’s 70% fertilizer, 20% cut softwood and 10% escaped chemicals from paint, siding, carpet, etc that we don’t want to think about.